Prismacolor Scholars: Color Combinations Part 2

After a series of travel posts, let me take you back to my other love, adult coloring. I am going to share my new color combinations using Prismacolor Scholars and a few Colleen and Faber Castell color pencils which you could use in coloring flowers. I am not an art graduate. I was hooked into coloring August of 2015 and I only owned these lots of pencils when I started adult coloring. If you are still contemplating whether to buy the Prisma Scholars or not, well you should especially those who cannot afford the Prisma Premier pencils. They blend so easily unlike the Classic Faber Castell pencils. Colleen pencils also blend easily but Prisma Scholars are more vibrant in my opinion.

Bought this from Crafters & Scrappers. They have a Facebook page
This coloring work is from the book Obra Botanica. Obra Botanica is one of the coloring books in the Obra Coloring Books series drawn by Filipino artists. Before we start, you might want to read my first entry about Prismacolor Scholars: Color Combinations with Flowers since this is a related post.

Let's start coloring!

Blue Flower (Prisma Scholar)
    - Copenhagen Blue
    - Permanent Blue
    - Sky Blue

Red Flower (Colleen)
    - Carmine
    - Red
    - Rose Red

Violet Flower (Prisma Scholar)
- Purple
- Violet
-Light Violet
*I didn't color the white part of the flower but I used white pencil to have that shiny effect. So technically I still colored it just with white pencil. LOL!

Violet Pinkish Flower (Prisma Scholar)
- Orchid
- Pink
*I already posted this combination in my previous Prisma Scholar blog post. I used this combination again because this is one of my favorites. =)

Yellow Flower (Prisma Scholar)
- Deep Orange
- Orange Ochre
- Orange Yellow

Flower beside the shoes (Classic Faber Castell)
- 325
*When I bought my Colleen pencils, I never used my Classic FCs again. I missed using my FCs so I tried using it in this coloring work. It already has molds because I didn't use it for a long time but Classic FCs were so hard to blend that the paper got a little bit wavy due to the pressure when I colored it.

Small Pink Flower (Colleen)
- Carmine
- Rose Red
- Pink

For the masquerade mask and shoes, I used soft pastels, gold gel pen and gold color pencil. 

I used Daiso soft pastels. The one on the left I used on the masquerade mask while the one on the right I mixed both colors and used on the shoes.

The finished product. 
I hope this blog entry helped you with your color dilemmas. If you happen to like my work, just give me a beep on my Facebook page Thoughts by Anonymous. All you have to do is pay for the FRAME and FREIGHT if you are from outside Cebu. You can also browse my Instagram account @darlingsanity since I post most of my coloring work there.

Till then! Happy Coloring!


***This is NOT a sponsored post. Coloring works in this blog are all mine unless stated otherwise.

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