Hello everyone! Been absent from blogging for a month because I was so busy at work. The branch is still adjusting from our officer's resignation. I even haven't had the time to color! I couldn't think of any topic so I decided to blog about my budgeting strategy.

Every pay day I always make sure before anything else I withdraw all my money in my payroll account and budget everything before I start to work. The reason behind is once I withdraw all my salary I might spend it all if I don't budget it beforehand. I always keep this little "red" book of expenses and once I start to budget I crushed it out one by one.

Every time I list down my expenses, my allowance until the next payday is on top of my list. My budget everyday is Php 100.00 but I always put in extra allowance just in case it would not suffice until the next payday. Next on my list will be my savings for my another bank account, credit card payments and budget for utility bills. When I budget each expense, I would always place the money in a small piece of paper, seal it and label the name of the expense so every time I open my wallet I will be reminded not to spend it because of the label of the expense. Our branch also has a  "hulog 2x" where we save a certain amount of money deposit it into the potluck bank account and we can withdraw everything during December. The ideal "hulog 2X" is Php 500.00 each payday. Do you have this in your workplace too?

After I segregate all the expenses from my current payday, I will list down my expenses for the next payday so I can control my spending especially my credit card purchases. In that little "red" book, I also list down my credit card purchases just to monitor everything.

Do you have any budgeting tips? Do you mind sharing it in the comments section or in a separate blog post in your blog (let me know!)?