I'd been buying Seventeen mags every month starting this year. Of all the five (Jan-Feb ish is one mag) issues out this year, June 2008 which i found the best. Isabelle Daza is on the cover with this ish. She's the daughter of Gloria Diaz. I can relate to a lot of the articles. Maybe it's because it is a back to school issue. There was this article "Make it easier to go back to school" this really helped me. It made me realized that I am just as smart as anyone else and all of us are unique in our own ways. We just have to focus on the positive side of things. There is this portion wherein the prob is you want to change your rep and it was about starting more conversations with guys. I'm not close to my guy block mates in the past semesters because I'm really shy talking to them. After reading that article, i think I'll talk more to my guy block mates. Hopefully! Since this sem all of my friends in my previous block aren't my classmates anymore and I'm really sad and anxious because I barely know everyone. I know I'll get used to it in the long run. I am still in the adjusting phase of this new sem. All those 'hala oi kinsa kaha akong klasmate?..akong maka group ani na klas....all those anxiety moments" made me realized that if I think too much about it? It would make me feel worse. From now on, I'll be more positive on things. There are a lot of advises about how to get better grades, about self- confidence, and advises about sleep. I learned that caffeine's effect can last upto 10 hours. Of all the articles, my pinaka fave jd is on page 76 titled "Steal His Heart!". It's all about how to achieve heartthrob status. To achieve that status, you have to take care of yourself by not overdressing at school. I think it's ok to dress up but not everyday. We have to believe that we are beautiful. It's not also nice to say "thank God I look better than 'girl's name'". To be able to have a guy notice you, all you have--or shall I say all we have to do is be ourselves and just be simple. Other articles in this ish are about Teenage Pregnancy, How to Make a Guy Ask u Out and a whole lot interesting topics. As you can see, all I commented about the mag were the articles. I buy magazines because of the articles. I don't care who the cover girl is as long as the articles are worth reading I would buy it. All the articles of Seventteen mag are worth reading. Ha ha! I even highlighted my fave lines. Inspiring lines. I get fascinated with the fashion spread and the fashion advises but I'm just not a fashionista. hehe..So, if u want to experienced what i am experiencing right now. Buy the June 2008 ish of Seventeen. : ) Can't wait to read the next month's ish. I hope it is as good as this one. It's a long wait. hehe..

Here are some of my Fave lines I read from this ish:
>"Whether or not a HELP is requested or even at all needed, an act of KINDNESS is always appreciated."

>"Sometimes, you just have to accept failure, it's not the end of the world. You don't have to be a perfect robot student all the time." -Isabelle Daza

>"The first step is to be open and honest. Thieves pass through the back door, upright citizens pass through the front door." - Francis M on how to introduce a guy to a Dad

All of these lines are highlighted in my copy. *wink*