I bought this month's ish and I'm finished reading it. Haha. Last two month's issue i haven't read it yet. Haha. This month's cover girl is KC Concepcion. Nah, not a fan of her, I'm a fan of the magazine. Once I flipped through the pages of this month's ish, I just can't stop reading it. I must say the articles this month were more interesting than the last two months. :) I'll be posting my favorite quotes in this ish. Later when i'm done here. :) Anyways, there was this article about how to make a come back from getting screwed. I can relate with this article. Specifically, about my grades. I'm such a screw up this semester. It's not because i didn't make an effort in studying but this sem is just difficult (the accounting subjects..4 major accounting subjects, the teachers...whew!...). Taking up Management Accounting (shiftee here..came from the BS Accountancy program...), third year is the hardest.

Back to earth, there was this article about how guys think when you wear this and wear that. 90% of the guys thinks it's flirty to wear tight jeans.Thanks to this mag I now know what makes me adorable, annoying and a suck up whenever I'll be in a date. This ish also tackled about being green. Environment ok? Haha. Not the other Green. *big grin* There is so much we could do in helping mother earth in our own lil ways. I'll post some of it for those who are reading my blog.

>Unplug your phone charger - it draws energy just by being plugged into the power outlet. (I'm so bad. I do this everytime.)

>Don't linger in the shower! Every two minutes you cut conserves about 10 gallons of water. (Darn! We really do have our "tanga" moments when we take a bath...heheh....)

>Turn off the faucet while we brush our teeth and we can save two gallons of water every minute. (I'm guilty.)

These are just some. So do you thang and help save our planet. :)

Here are some of my fave lines in this month's ish.

> Messing up once doesn't make you a failure as a person, so chalk it up as a major learning experience- and then forgive yourself.

> Something positive comes out of something negative always.

> The perfect date is something you wouldn't mind having 50 times over. (the pic in the mag was adam sandler and drew barrymore...from 50 first dates...:)

Thanks for reading my blog. have a nice day. ;)