I got addicted to online forums 4 years ago until now. I've encountered a lot of members of every kind. Annoying, pasaway, flamebaiter and etc.

Here are my top 10 forum rules:

1. Read the forum rules.

2. Respect other people's opinion.

3. Don't be a flamebaiter. It just shows you are an attention-seeking person.

4. Do not quote a post if your reply isn't related to that post. What's the point?
Member 1: I see there a lot of newbies in this thread. Maybe they are taking a break from the CPA review exams.

Member 2 (quoted the post of member 1): The function of this thread is to let other people know where to review in the CPA exams.

*He quoted a post and his reply isn't related to it.

5. Don't use txtspeak.
Example: "wen" = when; "u"= you; "skol" = school

6. Always use the search button for an existing thread.

7. Don't cry your concerns in public (Meaning making a thread about it. Like why you are given an infraction and etc). Just personal message a moderator.

8. Don't post just for the sake of raising your post count. Result? Yeah, more post count but your posts are NONSENSE.

9. Don't create a "versus" thread. It will create flame among the members and there will be chaos unless that forum is strict about this rule. Like the mods constantly monitor the thread.

10. Don't be afraid to voice out your opinions as long as you know where you stand. =)

These are based on my experience being an online forum-er for almost 4 years. =)

Cheers! =)

Okay so I jumped in to the Gossip Girl bandwagon. At first, I really didn't care about the show until one of my friends lent me her dvd--- at last. First 2 episodes I got really hooked and excited. I liked Dan because he is funny and he's my type of guy among the GG guys. My excitement kind of went down as I watched the show. I can't help but compare my number 1 barkada TV show, One Tree Hill, to GG. After watching season 1 of GG, One Tree Hill is still on top of my list.

Here's what I thought of the show:
> Most of their characters are boring. I like Dan and Serena at first but they bored me. Super. Dan being funny kind of faded as the show progresses.

> Blair. I don't like her but sometimes I do. She's such a brat but on the brighter side, her character isn't boring.

> Nate. Hmmm. Hot guy but really boring. Ugh.

> Chuck. I don't find him handsome but same with Blair his character isn't boring. So, he's saved.

> RUFUS! The only HOT guy I sticked through out the show. I love Lily-Rufus loveteam.

> Jenny. Need I say more? Social- climber much but I liked her as Dan's lil sis.

> Serena and Blair's chemistry as BFFs isn't that convincing to me. Again, I can't help but compare them to One Tree Hill's Brooke and Peyton.

> All the "ka sosyalan" of the show kind of you know I don't know sickens me a bit. OTH is so much better. Peace out! =P

But still, I'd watch season 2.

EDIT: It just shows I wasn't hooked with this show. I didn't watch the rest of the seasons. LOL!
Cheers to all GG fans out there! =)

His profile is LOVE. =D

One of his best outfits.

Man, this season is so memorable to me. It was my first time that I fell in love --- 'fell in love' is an overstatement you think? LOL. Well, let's just say I was never a fan girl before of any celebrity. Anoop made me a fangirl BIGTIME! I did things I don't usually do especially in watching AI.

Talking about the finale. I was only excited for the finale because I got to see Anoop again! And then we only heard him sang like what 3 lines? Or to sum up all his performances maybe like 10? SUCKS! Lil got a duet with Queen Latifah and she's top 7. Dammit. >:(

On the brighter side, Anoop was smokin' HOT in the finale. Anoop in a suit in their introduction performance for Rod Stewart was smokin' HOOOOTTT! I just didn't like that he wore the OBB jacket again but still he was hot. LOL.

About the winner, well I was never a fan of Kris but I want to commend his humility. I wanted Adam to win! I just don't like Kris' style. Kris has been compared to Jason Mraz and I'm not a fan of Jason Mraz so there you go. =p Why I wanted Adam to win? Duh, if you've read my blog, you'll know. Okay, I can relate to Adam's genre, rock. I've been downloading his studio versions (and those were GREAT!) and I had no problem listening to it. If I'd listen to Kris' studio version, I'd probably fall asleep. LOL!

I just hate people saying "I don't like Adam coz he's gay". That's just SHALLOW.

Adam performing with Kiss and Queen? That was the BOMB! I think Kris was overshadowed by Adam during the Queen performance.

I'm gonna miss this. I hope next AI season I won't get attached to any Idol anymore. Hell, it's tiring espcially emotionally but in Anoop's case, it's all worth it. =)

I just want to commend Shangrila Mactan's service. Their service was really great. They are worthy of the label '5 star hotel'. The staff were really nice, friendly and approachable. Every time we passed by the lobby or anywhere else they always greet you with sincerity.

It was my second time at the Shang last Saturday thanks to my friend, Jazzy, she invited me and Jennifer. We stayed there whole day and had fun. I just wished all three of us did get to swim in the beach and in the pool. Jennifer didn't bring extra clothes while Jazz..well, girlyreasons. Haha. Our pictures were 300 plus! Gosh, we are vain. LOL! I was exhausted in uploading our pics. Haha.

I hope the next time I stay at the Shang it will be overnight.
= bop = dakog ngisi nag bounce
= bored, yawn = bashful
= big grin = naughty
= in love = smile
= wink
= bantay ka lang ...(hahaha)
= dot dot dot
= smitten
= ticked off

More smilies to come!

I'm bored with this blogger template. The only thing I know about changing templates is the one that you just copy and paste the HTML codes but the ones that require downloads I don't know how. Yeah, download it and then what?