Prismacolor Scholars: Color Combinations with Flowers

Hello everyone! I just finished coloring a page from the Obra coloring book series, Obra Botanica. Last December 27, 2015, Cebu adult coloring enthusiasts had a mini gathering. I tried to apply what I've learned that day into this piece.

I never thought black pencil could make your coloring work more beautiful as long as you know how to really use it. As to coloring flowers, flicking is a great technique to make your flowers look beautiful. Color your flower into an upward direction or flicking the pencil upwards. It also creates a gradient effect on your flower. Disclaimer: I did not discover the flicking technique. =D 

In this coloring work entitled Gatsby Girl, I mostly used my Prismacolor Scholars pencil. I only used my Colleen for outlines. So now I share to you my color combination recipe using Prismacolor Scholars.

I used my Scholars on all the flowers. The colors that I'm going to post is according to color from dark to light.

1. Kinda orange flower
    - Crimson Lake
    - Scarlet Red
    - Orange Ochre
** Outline: Magenta and Black (Colleen)

2. Violet flower
     - Orchid
     - Fuchsia
     - Pink
** Outline: Violet and Black (Colleen)

3. Pink flower
     - Scarlet Red
     - Pink
     - Neon Pink

4. Blue flower
      - Copenhagen Blue
      - Aquamarine
      - Peacock Green
** Outline: Ultramarine and Black (Colleen)

5. Flower on top of the blue flower
       - Fuchsia
       - Scarlet Red
       - Neon Orange
** Outlibe: Vermillion and Black (Colleen)

6. Leaves
        - Dark Green
        - Grass Green
** Outlibe: Deep Green ( Colleen)

7. Yellow flower
        - Orange Yellow
        - Yellow Ochre
        - Neon Yellow
** Outline: Chrome Yellow (Colleen)

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Happy Coloring!


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