Last May 17, i went to Moalboal kay pista. Na irita jd ko kay that was the last day or liwas pista rather. So meaning?! Wa nay kalingawan. Good thing we were going to the beach pag Sunday. I am really proud that I am from that place. Good people and nice beaches. May 18, we went to Basdako. I can't keep track how many times I have been there. It's like everytime we go to Moalboal. We won't miss to go to Basdako. The last time we went there, it was much fun. Mas daghan ang ni adto this time kay usually my lil' cuzins are the ones who will be going but that time my two grown up cuzins which i can relate with came with us, my mother (though she's a lil' bit annoyiing but it was ok..), my aunt, and a lot more pips. And to add to the excitement, there were a lot of cuties in the beach that time. Ha! ha! I saw a lot of Carolinians that time. And for the record, it was my first time that i wore two piece bikini---- but instead of bikini, gi sapawan nko shorts oi, di nko kaya was also my first that i didn't care what i will be looking after. I didn't care nga ma tanned (kani lang ato gamiton nga term para di lain..mas lain kung "ma itom" atong gamiton..haha) ko. Nag lagot lang ko kay na bat empty ang cam that time. Sayang kau ang view. Especially ako! JOKE! All in all, I really had fun.