Man, this movie was one of the best. I love these kind of movies. I just watched this in Star Movies. My plan whole day was to read Harry Potter book 7 but when I saw that The Guardian will be shown next in Star Movies I decided to watch since Charm, my friend, said that this movie is a must-watched. Ashton Kutcher was great in this movie. Plus, he's hot. Yum2 :-D Kevin Costner too was great. I admire all the people who serve their country. Saving people's lives and all. I shed a tear in this movie ----- not! I cried! haha. I'm such a sucker for bad endings. You know when one of the protagonists would die. Kevin Costner (Ben Randall) died saving Ashton ( Jake) in the movie. For once, I thought what if I attended the PMA or the coast guard but I really don't have what it takes. Did I just mention coast guard I don't even know how to swim. LOL. Anyweiz, you should watch this movie. Yeah, I'm kind of outdated when it comes to movie watching. Haha. Again you should see this. I'm going to buy an original DVD copy of this movie if I could find one.
In random order...

1. Go to enchanted kingdom again with friends or family
2. Go to another country..anywhere but the PHil...
3. Experience a white christmas
4. havaianas? already bought one..pero ok rasad...ehehe
5. have a surprise party?...*blush*
6. meet the cast of harry potter... *big grin*
7. a shirt from the black sheep by maldita
8. a victoria's secret bag
9. meet my fave model Karolina Kurkova
10. go to a victoria's secret fashion show and if pwede apil ko sa mu my dreams.... :-D
11. buy a new mp3 player..Creative na brand...
12. enrol in a modelling school...
13. know my father?... :-/..i guess that wouldn't happen
14. watch a concert of my fave bands...
16. marry Brandon Flowers of The Killers...oh, he's married...meeting him in person would be enough though...

will be updated

i would grant some of my wishes...all by myself...if i can..hahah.. ;-)

From top..
Image 1 - Bag
Image 2 - Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling
Image 3 - Seventeen mag...
Image 4 - Moi..wearing my new hoodie with my cool bag with that "police line do not cross" on its sling
Image 5 - Hoodie
Image 6 - Fruit Jelly Tube from The Face Shop

I went to SM to buy a new lip gloss. I needed a new one because my old lip gloss looked like shit already. Haha. It was a Jelly Tube lip gloss so if there would be so much pressure on it, it would burst out. That was what happened to my previous lip gloss. The contents were spurting out everywhere. I put scotch tape around it. I went to Ayala the day before coz I wanted to try other brands of lip gloss. I went to the The Beauty Bar (sakto bah?...mao bah ang name?..kalimot man ko oi..hehe). Their lip glosses were expensive. Their cheapest was I think 500 plus. So The Face Shop gihapon ang last resort. I bought my previous lip gloss at The Face Shop.

So! Akong tuyo ra jd sa SM kay lip gloss. Pero kung maka tanaw na gani nig sale akong mata, mu siga daun. Labi na mga BAGS.
I passed by SM dept. store in SM. I saw this big karatula nga SALE. So mao toh. I bought this bag. It was my first choice. The original price was 700. I bought it for 380 pesos. Kinsa di matintal ana. Haha.

After I bought the bag, I went looking for a racer back tank top for my outfit in our next wash day. Haha. I can't find a cute one. So I gave up. I went to different boutiques just to window shop but when I went to Penshoppe I was in love with this hoodie. Haha. My money wasn't enough then so I promised myself to go back tomorrow and buy it. Turns out, it was really for me. Haha. To make a long story short, I bought the hoodie that day and wore it the next day.

My latest buy was a Seventeen mag December issue. I bought it just awhile ago. I haven't read it yet (just scanned...) but I think this month's ish is much better than last month's. Last month's ish sucked. It was a boring issue.

And oh! I also bought two Harry Potter movies and JK Rowling's new book Tales of Beedle the Bard (when i saw this..I immediately snatched one and went to the cashier with no hesitation..haha). Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. I'm such a Harry Potter fan.

END of Episode 1. See you next time. :-)
VS Fashion Show 2007.

Will.I.Am rocked that opening. I missed Gisele Bundchen. She's so great on the catwalk. Selita Banks got to wear this year's fantasy bra.

VS Fashion Show 2006

This ones totally my favorite. Why? Aside from their great collection ( I loved the Fly With Me collection)? It was like Karolina Kurkova's show. She's my favorite. She was amazing on how she carried herself when that shoe slipped off. She also got to wear this year's fantasy bra. I'm such a fan. I also love how Gisele Bundchen opened the show ignoring Justin Timberlake when she walked past him. Now that's a professional model.

VS Fashion Show 2003 < --- yey! I really dug this on YouTube, good thing i found it!

VS Fashion Show 2002 <--- not in particular order

Karolina got to wear the fantasy bra this year pud diay. She's amazing. It was in part 3.

VS Fashion Show 2001 <--- kit an na jd..

I was disappointed in this year's VS fshion show. I was too excited that when i watched it all of those excitement went off or the show just really sucked this year? If not because of those gorgeous models, the opening would totally be boring. I personally don't like Usher and that performance was.....ay ambot! The only collection i loved this year was the first one. They were like real life goddesses.

This year's music sucked too!! So overrated!!

Karolina Kurkova had a wardrobe malfunction but that was before she went off the runway. Sayang kau. I also noticed murag wa kau xa appearance this year. Hmph! Too bad because of that she wasn't able to walk in the final runway (not the finale). Tanaw nalang para maka baw mu..hehhe..

I miss Gisele Bundchen's fierce walk.

Tanaw ko balik sa 2007 VS fashion show kay bati jd ron na year!

Here are the links in this year's fashion show:
I was in Moalboal. I was surprised because the place changed. Particularly, the other side of the road going to our house. It changed. The right side was like a hanging garden. It was really beautiful with all the beautiful flowers growing everywhere. The left side of the road was the same as it used to be. When I arrived at our house, I glanced again in that beautiful hanging garden then I saw EDWARD CULLEN or shall I say Robert Pattinson who ever you want him to be. Haha. I was hysterical because Hello?!! I just saw Edward Cullen!! So I went to that hanging garden, while I was on my way, there were stone steps like that of a stairs, I saw Bella or shall I say Kristin Stewart. I was surprised because she was like a nobody. She was doing something but I wasn't paying attention. So I continued towards the hanging garden, minutes later there he was, Edward Cullen. He was standing there. He was like waiting for someone. Man, he was so handsome, gorgeous and all that. When I saw him I ran to him and hugged him so tight. He touched my cheeks and then I saw a light......................................................................

THAT WAS MY DREAM LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! ahahahaha.....

I was reading Twilight last night before I went to sleep. So i guess that's why I dreamt about it. Haha. I'm not really an avid fan of Twilight but I find Robert Pattinson hot sometimes.

For the first time, I wasn't thrilled when Billy Crawford announced that Miss Philippines has won in this year's Miss Earth. Why?! Because of some freakin' SPOILERS!! Argh! I just hate it when online forumers don't use spoiler tags. when I read the spoiler in that online forum, that thrill whenever I watch a beauty pageant just vanished.

On the brighter side, Miss Philippines really did win. I'm proud of her coz she's a fellow Cebuana. I'm happy but not thrilled. Karla Henry is the prettiest Miss Philippines ever. No wonder she bagged the crown. Among the four finalists (Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania and Philippines), Miss Philippines gave the best answer. Luckily for Miss Tanzania she recovered from a "Janina San Miguel" moment. If you don't know who Janina is, just search her name on YouTube and you'll know. Mexico's answer wasn't that good so as Brazil's. I didn't like MIss Tanzania's gown. She looks like she's going to her debut party. I like Spain and Czech Republic but unfortunately they didn't make the cut.

Click this link for the Q & A portion

This year's host were Billy Crawford, Priscilla Meirelles (Miss Earth 2004), and Riza Santos (Miss Canada - Earth 2006) Billy and Riza did a good job. I really can't understand Priscilla's english because of her Portuguese accent She hosted Miss Earth pageant two years in a row now. I just hope the production staff or whoever is assigning her to host would replace her next year. Whoever is the designer of Priscilla's gown (the blue one) should be arrested by the fashion police. It is unflattering to look at and she looks like she's pregnant.

Karla Henry and Janina San Miguel (just google her name if you don't know her.. :D) are batch mates in this year's Bb. Pilipinas. What a shame on the part of Bb. Pilipinas. Good thing Janina backed out.

Here are the special awards:
Miss Photogenic - Philippines
National Costume - Panama
Swimsuit - Mexico
Talent - Australia
Long gown - Venezuela
Friendship - Ecuador

The winners...( Their crowns are based sa mga color of the elements of the Earth)

Miss EARTH 2008 - Philippines
Miss Earth - Air 2008 - Tanzania
Miss Earth - Water 2008 - Mexico
Miss Earth - Fire 2008 - Brazil
I have a fear of dogs. I was chased by a dog when I was 5 yrs old. That memory has scarred me in my entire life that whenever a dog passes my legs just shivers and would ice out and makes my heart beat really fast. Whenever I go to my friend's house or anyone's house, I always asked them if they have any dogs. I sometimes cry because of dogs. I'm most scared when dogs "ila" their owners like they bark because they don't know you. Some stray dogs are ok because they ignore every one who passes them. Our neighbor just had their dogs and they let it out no leash or anything that keeps them from staying in one place. We used to have serious issues with this neighbor (her son has a mental problem and he keeps on throwing stones at our house and anything that disturbs us big time! but that was long ago). That's another story. Back to the dog. Their dogs, like right now while I'm typing this blog entry, barks at whoever passes at our place and I really meant WHOEVER, bisag kinsa! And now they are barking because someone just passed and it freaks me out. ATBANG pa jd namu ang amung silingan nga naay mga dogs! It really is a nightmare for me. Waaaaaaaaaaaa. I just hope they'll dispose of those dogs or put them inside their house or tie them. They have two dogs! Don't get me wrong. Dogs are adorable those kinds that I see on TV. I' m just scared. They are still barking! It scares me and annoys me coz it's so freakin' noisy!

What scares you?...
I'm a prisoner in my own house. I'm BORED TO DEATH in here. This sembreak is not worth remembering. Sucks!
Disney Channel had this movie marathon of the movie High School Musical. Gi pa salida pud ang dance along version of the two movies. When it was first showed in Disney Channel, I thought "yeah, yeah whatever..HSM again...". Pero yesterday, didto ra ko ka appreciate all of the songs were great except that one song called Bet On It by Zac Efron. There was this song called Work This Out, I loved it. This song was in HSM2. I so loved it that I even searched the dance steps on Youtube. Haha. I still can't believe I'm doing this!..LOL!

Here's the video..ang choreographer ni xa...

Then mao ni sa movie..

After two hours...

LOL. I'm done! After almost two hours I already got the steps though sometimes mauwahi ko sa sayaw. Haha. Dugay na jd nangatol akong ti il ug sayaw aning kantaha. Na satisfy na jd nko. I'm definitely going to download all the songs in HSM movies. I miss dancing so it's one good way to satisfy my craving. I still can't believe I'm doing this (I really do. I don't really dig this kind of movie See, I already said this line twice.). LOL. Gotta go! I'm all sweaty. Eeeeewww! Haahaha.

Oh well, if you are wondering who Bellatrix Lestrange is, she's one of the characters (an evil one) in Harry Potter. HP fans can relate why I hate this woman so much. I was watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in HBO. It was my second time to watch the movie. The movie was not that bad. What really caught my attention was Bellatrix Lestrange. She killed one of my fave characters in the series, Sirius Black. In the book, she was really describe as evil, cruel all the negative characters you can think of. Helena Bonham Carter, the actress who played Bellatrix, did a good job in portraying the character. Argh! makalagot jd kau. Hhehe. Xenxa, na carried away lang ko. Nalouy lang ko ni Sirius jd and the look on Harry's face when he saw his godfather murdered by his relative. Bellatrix is Sirius' cousin. Gotta read the book HP book 5 again to refresh my memories. :D...I'm attaching Bellatrix Lestrange's photo in this post so you can see how evil she looks. She's scary looking really. Hehe. Thanks for reading. :)

View my latest post about Harry Potter: Harry Potter: 10 Years of Awesome Storytelling and Magic.

The sun is up.
I get up. Turn off the electric fan and made up my bed.
I go downstairs. Greet my mom "hi".
I ask what do we have for breakfast. If I don't like what's in the table, I don't eat.
My mom says goodbye to work. She kisses me. She's gone.
I'm all alone. Again.
I do a little clean up in he house. Sweep the floor. Arrange my mom's papers scattered everywhere.
I wash the dishes.
I turn on the TV. If I get bored, I turn on the PC and surf all day.
At 6 PM, I stopped using the internet and cook rice. I only cook rice because I don't know how to cook sud an.
I sweep the floor again.
I take a bath. Change my clothes.
I turn on the TV and wait for the show I Love Betty La Fea, Hannah Montana, Wizards at Waverly Place, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
I scan for different channels. If walay nindot salida. I turn the TV off.
I brush my teeth. Wash my face. Go upstairs. Lie down.
That ends my day.

The next day...
> Just read again...

The next day...
> Just read again...

What a boring sembreak.
When everything seems so messed up, all you gotta do is have faith. Not just a little. In the end, everything will be fine. This is proven and tested. :)..

Just have faith.
This month's cover girl is Heart Evangelista. She has bloomed since she transferred to GMA. Not a fan though. So, I really don't care. Haha. What I loved with this issue was that they photographed 6 young ang pretty actresses..................................WITHOUT ANY MAKE UP ON! Heart Evangelista, Angelica Panganiban, Rhian Ramos, Jewel Mische, Marian Rivera and KC Concepcion. They reallywere pretty without make up.

There are unwritten rules in the Rules of Attraction. Some girls try to make em' work -- but these tacky moves push guys away.

DON'T show off a lot of skin. Girls wearing skimpy clothes. That's a No-No. It will always be a no-no. It makes the girl tasteless like all they wanna do is just hook up.

DON'T talk about hooking up.

DON'T touch him too much. Girls, don't throw yourselves at anybody.

There are three months left for 2008. Let's make the most of it. Here are some ways:

> All of us really have a hard time saying I Love You to someone we love. So, before this year ends think of those you hardly ever say it to.

> Stretch your allowance. If you have stuffs that you don't need or use you can sell them online. Or save 1/3 of your allowance and put it in your bank account.

> Care for the earth. Read the post before this. :)

My favorite lines in this month's ish.

--> If you're constantly dismissing praise, you'll miss out on well-deserved boosts to your self-esteem or even worse, you might make yourself feel like you actually are unworthy.
(You know like when someone tells you "Your hair looks great", "You so good in Math" etc. di bah mu ingon tah "ay dili ko bright oi chamba ra toh". We won't sound too egotistical if we just just simply say a nice "That's so nice of you. Thank you!". It will show you don't expect the praise.)

--> I smile as much as I can, it doesn't cost me anything. - Rhian Ramos

--> I am beautiful because I say so and no one can tell me otherwise-- and that's how every girl should fell, too!..-Rhian Ramos

--> I am beautiful because I am true to myself.

--> We don't really have a choice when someone passes away. When it happens, we need to find our own ways to cope.

--> Don't rush the grieving process.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. Till next issue. :)..
I bought this month's ish and I'm finished reading it. Haha. Last two month's issue i haven't read it yet. Haha. This month's cover girl is KC Concepcion. Nah, not a fan of her, I'm a fan of the magazine. Once I flipped through the pages of this month's ish, I just can't stop reading it. I must say the articles this month were more interesting than the last two months. :) I'll be posting my favorite quotes in this ish. Later when i'm done here. :) Anyways, there was this article about how to make a come back from getting screwed. I can relate with this article. Specifically, about my grades. I'm such a screw up this semester. It's not because i didn't make an effort in studying but this sem is just difficult (the accounting subjects..4 major accounting subjects, the teachers...whew!...). Taking up Management Accounting (shiftee here..came from the BS Accountancy program...), third year is the hardest.

Back to earth, there was this article about how guys think when you wear this and wear that. 90% of the guys thinks it's flirty to wear tight jeans.Thanks to this mag I now know what makes me adorable, annoying and a suck up whenever I'll be in a date. This ish also tackled about being green. Environment ok? Haha. Not the other Green. *big grin* There is so much we could do in helping mother earth in our own lil ways. I'll post some of it for those who are reading my blog.

>Unplug your phone charger - it draws energy just by being plugged into the power outlet. (I'm so bad. I do this everytime.)

>Don't linger in the shower! Every two minutes you cut conserves about 10 gallons of water. (Darn! We really do have our "tanga" moments when we take a bath...heheh....)

>Turn off the faucet while we brush our teeth and we can save two gallons of water every minute. (I'm guilty.)

These are just some. So do you thang and help save our planet. :)

Here are some of my fave lines in this month's ish.

> Messing up once doesn't make you a failure as a person, so chalk it up as a major learning experience- and then forgive yourself.

> Something positive comes out of something negative always.

> The perfect date is something you wouldn't mind having 50 times over. (the pic in the mag was adam sandler and drew barrymore...from 50 first dates...:)

Thanks for reading my blog. have a nice day. ;)
August 24- 29 is our foundation week. Opening ceremonies was on August 26. The opening ceremony was a lil' bit boring. This year's intrams was boring. What makes it more boring is that our college's basketball team wasn't the champion this year, same with the girl's team. The college of commerce's cheerdance teamwere the champs this year. If I'm not mistaken, it's their fifth time to win the trophy. The college of eng'g were second and third were the college of nursing. Tomorrow will be the closing ceremonies. Hope it would be fun. The college of en'g and nursing were booing each other last yr. Hope they will do that tomorrow. Hahaha.
waahhh...I really don't have the time to read my two magazines. The July and August ish of seventeen are still pending for me to read. I also bought a new book How To Wear High Heels, I forgot the author and still i haven't read it yet. Maybe i will be able to read all of these this sembreak.
Well, i already bough it but I still don't have the time to read it. The mag is on stand by. Hehe. I'll read it if I have the time and post my reviews here. : )
I'd been buying Seventeen mags every month starting this year. Of all the five (Jan-Feb ish is one mag) issues out this year, June 2008 which i found the best. Isabelle Daza is on the cover with this ish. She's the daughter of Gloria Diaz. I can relate to a lot of the articles. Maybe it's because it is a back to school issue. There was this article "Make it easier to go back to school" this really helped me. It made me realized that I am just as smart as anyone else and all of us are unique in our own ways. We just have to focus on the positive side of things. There is this portion wherein the prob is you want to change your rep and it was about starting more conversations with guys. I'm not close to my guy block mates in the past semesters because I'm really shy talking to them. After reading that article, i think I'll talk more to my guy block mates. Hopefully! Since this sem all of my friends in my previous block aren't my classmates anymore and I'm really sad and anxious because I barely know everyone. I know I'll get used to it in the long run. I am still in the adjusting phase of this new sem. All those 'hala oi kinsa kaha akong klasmate?..akong maka group ani na klas....all those anxiety moments" made me realized that if I think too much about it? It would make me feel worse. From now on, I'll be more positive on things. There are a lot of advises about how to get better grades, about self- confidence, and advises about sleep. I learned that caffeine's effect can last upto 10 hours. Of all the articles, my pinaka fave jd is on page 76 titled "Steal His Heart!". It's all about how to achieve heartthrob status. To achieve that status, you have to take care of yourself by not overdressing at school. I think it's ok to dress up but not everyday. We have to believe that we are beautiful. It's not also nice to say "thank God I look better than 'girl's name'". To be able to have a guy notice you, all you have--or shall I say all we have to do is be ourselves and just be simple. Other articles in this ish are about Teenage Pregnancy, How to Make a Guy Ask u Out and a whole lot interesting topics. As you can see, all I commented about the mag were the articles. I buy magazines because of the articles. I don't care who the cover girl is as long as the articles are worth reading I would buy it. All the articles of Seventteen mag are worth reading. Ha ha! I even highlighted my fave lines. Inspiring lines. I get fascinated with the fashion spread and the fashion advises but I'm just not a fashionista. hehe..So, if u want to experienced what i am experiencing right now. Buy the June 2008 ish of Seventeen. : ) Can't wait to read the next month's ish. I hope it is as good as this one. It's a long wait. hehe..

Here are some of my Fave lines I read from this ish:
>"Whether or not a HELP is requested or even at all needed, an act of KINDNESS is always appreciated."

>"Sometimes, you just have to accept failure, it's not the end of the world. You don't have to be a perfect robot student all the time." -Isabelle Daza

>"The first step is to be open and honest. Thieves pass through the back door, upright citizens pass through the front door." - Francis M on how to introduce a guy to a Dad

All of these lines are highlighted in my copy. *wink*

Last May 17, i went to Moalboal kay pista. Na irita jd ko kay that was the last day or liwas pista rather. So meaning?! Wa nay kalingawan. Good thing we were going to the beach pag Sunday. I am really proud that I am from that place. Good people and nice beaches. May 18, we went to Basdako. I can't keep track how many times I have been there. It's like everytime we go to Moalboal. We won't miss to go to Basdako. The last time we went there, it was much fun. Mas daghan ang ni adto this time kay usually my lil' cuzins are the ones who will be going but that time my two grown up cuzins which i can relate with came with us, my mother (though she's a lil' bit annoyiing but it was ok..), my aunt, and a lot more pips. And to add to the excitement, there were a lot of cuties in the beach that time. Ha! ha! I saw a lot of Carolinians that time. And for the record, it was my first time that i wore two piece bikini---- but instead of bikini, gi sapawan nko shorts oi, di nko kaya was also my first that i didn't care what i will be looking after. I didn't care nga ma tanned (kani lang ato gamiton nga term para di lain..mas lain kung "ma itom" atong gamiton..haha) ko. Nag lagot lang ko kay na bat empty ang cam that time. Sayang kau ang view. Especially ako! JOKE! All in all, I really had fun.

Been watching this show since season 3...season 3 was Fantasia's yr, season 4 was Carrie's, season 5 was Taylor's and season 6 was Jordin's...of all the favorite is season 7...the contestants were really talented and handsome too!..especially Michael Johns and David Cook!...sadly, Michael was voted off a little too early in the competition..i took notice of David Cook when he sang Billy Jean by Micheal wasn't Micheal Jackson's version i forgot who that artist was..he was really hot that time..until now..hahah...about Michael Johns..i took notice of him the time he auditioned...but when he entered the top 12..he was kinda boring to me...but i still support him..

there are a lot of good performers/singers this year...but my favorites are David C, CArly and Micheal...there was a Filipina named Ramiele, she was strong when she auditioned but as the competition goes on..she's already boring..that spark when she first auditioned wasn't felt by the judges when she entered the top 12...

David Cook is really a great singer and of my favorite performances of him was when he sang Billy Jean (Micheal Jackson) and Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey)...when he perform it's like his own concert that i tend to forget there are other contestants in this show...when he sang Always Be My Baby...gawd! he took my breath away!...i'll post the link here katong iyang rendition sa Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey...while watching him sing..i had this dreamy face wishing he could be my boyfriend...hahha...

about the other David..that's DAvid ARchuleta...i don't know what is so special about him...the judges praise him so much...i just don't see why..hhaha...well, we all have different tastes...ahahha...

i think the top 2 finalists will be the two David's..Cook and Archuleta...i hope Cook wins this year...

BAGUNBANUA...this island was really beautiful..this island doesn't have trees surrounding the area...purely white sand lang jd xa...we went there last Saturday..April was my first Island Hopping..the day after i was really worried because at first my mom didn't want me to go coz i don't know how to make a long story short..iya ko gi sugtan...hehe...anyweiz...t'was really fun...i was enjoying that day..i kind of forgot all about AC 506 (my major subject which i took summer classes coz i wasn't able to reach the cut off grade...)..the "pambot" ride was really fun...we had our pictures taken at the edge of the was frightening at first pero nawala ra man when the fun started...hehe...after Bagunbanua Island...i was sad because we had to go...pero we stopped at another island called Nalusuan...pero t'was the last one...then we stayed their for like an hour and a half then we went back to was a stess-free's a great feeling watching just the gives you that relaxed's like all your problems will be gone...the best thing with trip was i was with's such a nice experience when you are enjoying it with your bestfriend and some of your close highschool friends...another was like a free trip...just wanna thank Page for it..pero bisag di xa kabasa ani ako blog...thank u gihapon Page....hehe...i really hope this won't be the last summer escapade i'm gonna be having this summer..i'm gonna be posting some of our pictures here if na upload na sa akong mga frnds...i wasn't able to bring a camera that time because i didn't have the time to go to my auntie's house and borrowed their cam...

i'm out!...

of all the accounting subjects...kani jd 506 akong least expected na di ka abot ug cut off...i had so much faith in sir yu man gud...hahha....turns out nga ambot gi unsa niya pag compute amu grado...paet kau u exerted effort in that subject and di ka kapasar...pero saon taman...wa nakoy mahimo...summer nalang jd...wat i hate abut this damn summer class?!...i have to get up early in the morning and have to sit and solve problems for four freakin' hours!!!....all my summer plans are doomed.. well...i was planning to spend a lot of time in the internet...hehehe....pero since naa man ni akong klase...di nlang...pero i really hope i would pass this our sir: sir papa sara nalng tawon mi...hehhe....i didn't get a grade of 5.0 ha...2.4 ra...pero since our cut off grade is 2.0...that is why i have to retake the subject...

nice ganiha kay we were dismissed early....i went to ayala to buy a new stuck up man nuon ko mga sanina...heheh...mao na...buslot bulsa nako ganiha...hehhe....then i guess i wil be collecting seventeen magazines this mag...useful au mga advises...i already have three issues for this yr...complete ko as of now..why three? usa raman ang jan-feb..mao na..heheh....magazines are one of my weaknesses jd...heheh....anyweiz...when i got usual nawong nko atubang dayon pc..hahha...i haven't surf the net for quite awhile man gud kay starting wednesday we had an exam then ganiha pud exam na mga two days ko ala internet...well...naka internet pero ginagmay ra..niya di man ko sugot anang ginagmay beh...heheh....

so, mga 7 PM kapin...i watched tv coz my favorite...Magnolia beverage masters were palying against the alaska maau kay nadaog na jd tawon sila ganiha...pero bati man ang duwa kay di thrilling...way challenge!!..nyahahah..magnolia's free throw shooting this conference SUCKS! of now ha...their free throw shooting was the culprit of their loss last game...anyweiz...i gotta's 2 AM in the..dawn..ahhah...yah...nag pa himus js ko internet today kay tomorrow saturday and sunday i will be studying....ang2 beh...OPEN ENDED KAYA ANG MGA PROBLEMS NGA I TEST NI SIR...saon nalng wakoy makuha...heheh....

and by the way highway..that pic sa taas..first day of school nako this summer..wa mi sudli!...

thnks for droppin by...
most of the time...i was making my project in P.E which is a scrapbook..all about ourselves...i was so motivated mu pass ug nindot kau na scrapbook, mao na bisan usa ka subject wa jd ko natuon..and i really don't want to think how much i spent for that scrapbook kay ma sakit akong heart...heheh....hahay...karon i have this report in one of my Accounting subjects and i still don't know how to answer it..ambot saon ni nako ugma...argh! i hate to think na classes will be starting again tomorrow...hate it!...kapoyyyyyy!!!....yesterday..daisy celebrated her 18th bday (jan3 iyang bday but she celebrated it jsut yesterday...jan 5 )...we went to this im nanan in mango..i really don't drink...pero para respect nasad..para di pud ta kill joy...i drank one shot of beer, tequila (ambot mixed man daw toh..lami xa..hahah), and margarita (lami sad xa..heheh)....tagsa ra ka shot akong gi inom kay mahadlok ko mahubog noh...hahaha....i got home around 1 AM na..i know it's still early...hahah...i don't know if i should be happy after kay i don't know..hahha....i have this friend and we met after six months...hahaha...basta...bottomline is...i was happy that he went to mango and accompanied me home...hehe....mao na nah tanaw pako basket...duwa ron sa Magnolia..they need my support...hahah....

till here!...