Man, this movie was one of the best. I love these kind of movies. I just watched this in Star Movies. My plan whole day was to read Harry Potter book 7 but when I saw that The Guardian will be shown next in Star Movies I decided to watch since Charm, my friend, said that this movie is a must-watched. Ashton Kutcher was great in this movie. Plus, he's hot. Yum2 :-D Kevin Costner too was great. I admire all the people who serve their country. Saving people's lives and all. I shed a tear in this movie ----- not! I cried! haha. I'm such a sucker for bad endings. You know when one of the protagonists would die. Kevin Costner (Ben Randall) died saving Ashton ( Jake) in the movie. For once, I thought what if I attended the PMA or the coast guard but I really don't have what it takes. Did I just mention coast guard I don't even know how to swim. LOL. Anyweiz, you should watch this movie. Yeah, I'm kind of outdated when it comes to movie watching. Haha. Again you should see this. I'm going to buy an original DVD copy of this movie if I could find one.
In random order...

1. Go to enchanted kingdom again with friends or family
2. Go to another country..anywhere but the PHil...
3. Experience a white christmas
4. havaianas? already bought one..pero ok rasad...ehehe
5. have a surprise party?...*blush*
6. meet the cast of harry potter... *big grin*
7. a shirt from the black sheep by maldita
8. a victoria's secret bag
9. meet my fave model Karolina Kurkova
10. go to a victoria's secret fashion show and if pwede apil ko sa mu my dreams.... :-D
11. buy a new mp3 player..Creative na brand...
12. enrol in a modelling school...
13. know my father?... :-/..i guess that wouldn't happen
14. watch a concert of my fave bands...
16. marry Brandon Flowers of The Killers...oh, he's married...meeting him in person would be enough though...

will be updated

i would grant some of my wishes...all by myself...if i can..hahah.. ;-)

From top..
Image 1 - Bag
Image 2 - Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling
Image 3 - Seventeen mag...
Image 4 - Moi..wearing my new hoodie with my cool bag with that "police line do not cross" on its sling
Image 5 - Hoodie
Image 6 - Fruit Jelly Tube from The Face Shop

I went to SM to buy a new lip gloss. I needed a new one because my old lip gloss looked like shit already. Haha. It was a Jelly Tube lip gloss so if there would be so much pressure on it, it would burst out. That was what happened to my previous lip gloss. The contents were spurting out everywhere. I put scotch tape around it. I went to Ayala the day before coz I wanted to try other brands of lip gloss. I went to the The Beauty Bar (sakto bah?...mao bah ang name?..kalimot man ko oi..hehe). Their lip glosses were expensive. Their cheapest was I think 500 plus. So The Face Shop gihapon ang last resort. I bought my previous lip gloss at The Face Shop.

So! Akong tuyo ra jd sa SM kay lip gloss. Pero kung maka tanaw na gani nig sale akong mata, mu siga daun. Labi na mga BAGS.
I passed by SM dept. store in SM. I saw this big karatula nga SALE. So mao toh. I bought this bag. It was my first choice. The original price was 700. I bought it for 380 pesos. Kinsa di matintal ana. Haha.

After I bought the bag, I went looking for a racer back tank top for my outfit in our next wash day. Haha. I can't find a cute one. So I gave up. I went to different boutiques just to window shop but when I went to Penshoppe I was in love with this hoodie. Haha. My money wasn't enough then so I promised myself to go back tomorrow and buy it. Turns out, it was really for me. Haha. To make a long story short, I bought the hoodie that day and wore it the next day.

My latest buy was a Seventeen mag December issue. I bought it just awhile ago. I haven't read it yet (just scanned...) but I think this month's ish is much better than last month's. Last month's ish sucked. It was a boring issue.

And oh! I also bought two Harry Potter movies and JK Rowling's new book Tales of Beedle the Bard (when i saw this..I immediately snatched one and went to the cashier with no hesitation..haha). Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. I'm such a Harry Potter fan.

END of Episode 1. See you next time. :-)
VS Fashion Show 2007.

Will.I.Am rocked that opening. I missed Gisele Bundchen. She's so great on the catwalk. Selita Banks got to wear this year's fantasy bra.

VS Fashion Show 2006

This ones totally my favorite. Why? Aside from their great collection ( I loved the Fly With Me collection)? It was like Karolina Kurkova's show. She's my favorite. She was amazing on how she carried herself when that shoe slipped off. She also got to wear this year's fantasy bra. I'm such a fan. I also love how Gisele Bundchen opened the show ignoring Justin Timberlake when she walked past him. Now that's a professional model.

VS Fashion Show 2003 < --- yey! I really dug this on YouTube, good thing i found it!

VS Fashion Show 2002 <--- not in particular order

Karolina got to wear the fantasy bra this year pud diay. She's amazing. It was in part 3.

VS Fashion Show 2001 <--- kit an na jd..

I was disappointed in this year's VS fshion show. I was too excited that when i watched it all of those excitement went off or the show just really sucked this year? If not because of those gorgeous models, the opening would totally be boring. I personally don't like Usher and that performance was.....ay ambot! The only collection i loved this year was the first one. They were like real life goddesses.

This year's music sucked too!! So overrated!!

Karolina Kurkova had a wardrobe malfunction but that was before she went off the runway. Sayang kau. I also noticed murag wa kau xa appearance this year. Hmph! Too bad because of that she wasn't able to walk in the final runway (not the finale). Tanaw nalang para maka baw mu..hehhe..

I miss Gisele Bundchen's fierce walk.

Tanaw ko balik sa 2007 VS fashion show kay bati jd ron na year!

Here are the links in this year's fashion show:
I was in Moalboal. I was surprised because the place changed. Particularly, the other side of the road going to our house. It changed. The right side was like a hanging garden. It was really beautiful with all the beautiful flowers growing everywhere. The left side of the road was the same as it used to be. When I arrived at our house, I glanced again in that beautiful hanging garden then I saw EDWARD CULLEN or shall I say Robert Pattinson who ever you want him to be. Haha. I was hysterical because Hello?!! I just saw Edward Cullen!! So I went to that hanging garden, while I was on my way, there were stone steps like that of a stairs, I saw Bella or shall I say Kristin Stewart. I was surprised because she was like a nobody. She was doing something but I wasn't paying attention. So I continued towards the hanging garden, minutes later there he was, Edward Cullen. He was standing there. He was like waiting for someone. Man, he was so handsome, gorgeous and all that. When I saw him I ran to him and hugged him so tight. He touched my cheeks and then I saw a light......................................................................

THAT WAS MY DREAM LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! ahahahaha.....

I was reading Twilight last night before I went to sleep. So i guess that's why I dreamt about it. Haha. I'm not really an avid fan of Twilight but I find Robert Pattinson hot sometimes.