Disney Channel had this movie marathon of the movie High School Musical. Gi pa salida pud ang dance along version of the two movies. When it was first showed in Disney Channel, I thought "yeah, yeah whatever..HSM again...". Pero yesterday, didto ra ko ka appreciate all of the songs were great except that one song called Bet On It by Zac Efron. There was this song called Work This Out, I loved it. This song was in HSM2. I so loved it that I even searched the dance steps on Youtube. Haha. I still can't believe I'm doing this!..LOL!

Here's the video..ang choreographer ni xa...

Then mao ni sa movie..

After two hours...

LOL. I'm done! After almost two hours I already got the steps though sometimes mauwahi ko sa sayaw. Haha. Dugay na jd nangatol akong ti il ug sayaw aning kantaha. Na satisfy na jd nko. I'm definitely going to download all the songs in HSM movies. I miss dancing so it's one good way to satisfy my craving. I still can't believe I'm doing this (I really do. I don't really dig this kind of movie See, I already said this line twice.). LOL. Gotta go! I'm all sweaty. Eeeeewww! Haahaha.

Oh well, if you are wondering who Bellatrix Lestrange is, she's one of the characters (an evil one) in Harry Potter. HP fans can relate why I hate this woman so much. I was watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in HBO. It was my second time to watch the movie. The movie was not that bad. What really caught my attention was Bellatrix Lestrange. She killed one of my fave characters in the series, Sirius Black. In the book, she was really describe as evil, cruel all the negative characters you can think of. Helena Bonham Carter, the actress who played Bellatrix, did a good job in portraying the character. Argh! makalagot jd kau. Hhehe. Xenxa, na carried away lang ko. Nalouy lang ko ni Sirius jd and the look on Harry's face when he saw his godfather murdered by his relative. Bellatrix is Sirius' cousin. Gotta read the book HP book 5 again to refresh my memories. :D...I'm attaching Bellatrix Lestrange's photo in this post so you can see how evil she looks. She's scary looking really. Hehe. Thanks for reading. :)

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The sun is up.
I get up. Turn off the electric fan and made up my bed.
I go downstairs. Greet my mom "hi".
I ask what do we have for breakfast. If I don't like what's in the table, I don't eat.
My mom says goodbye to work. She kisses me. She's gone.
I'm all alone. Again.
I do a little clean up in he house. Sweep the floor. Arrange my mom's papers scattered everywhere.
I wash the dishes.
I turn on the TV. If I get bored, I turn on the PC and surf all day.
At 6 PM, I stopped using the internet and cook rice. I only cook rice because I don't know how to cook sud an.
I sweep the floor again.
I take a bath. Change my clothes.
I turn on the TV and wait for the show I Love Betty La Fea, Hannah Montana, Wizards at Waverly Place, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
I scan for different channels. If walay nindot salida. I turn the TV off.
I brush my teeth. Wash my face. Go upstairs. Lie down.
That ends my day.

The next day...
> Just read again...

The next day...
> Just read again...

What a boring sembreak.
When everything seems so messed up, all you gotta do is have faith. Not just a little. In the end, everything will be fine. This is proven and tested. :)..

Just have faith.
This month's cover girl is Heart Evangelista. She has bloomed since she transferred to GMA. Not a fan though. So, I really don't care. Haha. What I loved with this issue was that they photographed 6 young ang pretty actresses..................................WITHOUT ANY MAKE UP ON! Heart Evangelista, Angelica Panganiban, Rhian Ramos, Jewel Mische, Marian Rivera and KC Concepcion. They reallywere pretty without make up.

There are unwritten rules in the Rules of Attraction. Some girls try to make em' work -- but these tacky moves push guys away.

DON'T show off a lot of skin. Girls wearing skimpy clothes. That's a No-No. It will always be a no-no. It makes the girl tasteless like all they wanna do is just hook up.

DON'T talk about hooking up.

DON'T touch him too much. Girls, don't throw yourselves at anybody.

There are three months left for 2008. Let's make the most of it. Here are some ways:

> All of us really have a hard time saying I Love You to someone we love. So, before this year ends think of those you hardly ever say it to.

> Stretch your allowance. If you have stuffs that you don't need or use you can sell them online. Or save 1/3 of your allowance and put it in your bank account.

> Care for the earth. Read the post before this. :)

My favorite lines in this month's ish.

--> If you're constantly dismissing praise, you'll miss out on well-deserved boosts to your self-esteem or even worse, you might make yourself feel like you actually are unworthy.
(You know like when someone tells you "Your hair looks great", "You so good in Math" etc. di bah mu ingon tah "ay dili ko bright oi chamba ra toh". We won't sound too egotistical if we just just simply say a nice "That's so nice of you. Thank you!". It will show you don't expect the praise.)

--> I smile as much as I can, it doesn't cost me anything. - Rhian Ramos

--> I am beautiful because I say so and no one can tell me otherwise-- and that's how every girl should fell, too!..-Rhian Ramos

--> I am beautiful because I am true to myself.

--> We don't really have a choice when someone passes away. When it happens, we need to find our own ways to cope.

--> Don't rush the grieving process.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. Till next issue. :)..