What to Wear in Baguio City?

Okay so I am not a fashionably inclined person. Wearing a shirt and jeans or shorts I am good to go but--! Whenever I go on travels, I make sure I have a good set of clothing of course for pictorial purposes. Teehee! I would always buy new clothes whenever I go travel outside Cebu.  I am going to share how I came up with my Baguio City outfit. Char naman parang fashion blogger lang! =D Baguio City has an average weather of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius so scarfs. sweaters and jackets are your bestfriend when you visit Baguio.

For my Day 1 outfit which I wore from Cebu, I donned a tube jumpsuit, sandals with gold accent and a fedora hat. I wore a spaghetti strap top under my tube jumpsuit because I am not comfortable with tube tops.

Color of the day is Aquamarine!
During our long bus ride from Manila to Baguio, the aircon in the bus got so cold so I had to wear my jacket. So I advise to bring essentials like scarf, bonnet, jacket, leggings that could give your legs heat and sneakers. I could say we were lucky because when we visited Baguio the temperature reached 10 degrees Celsius during the night around 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM! Just the way I wanted!

Just arrived!
During the night...

I wore a blazer together with the scarf! A t shirt and jeans girl wearing this outfit is like a milestone! LOL!

When you visit Baguio, try learning the different ways of using a scarf. It can make a difference in your outfit. But really, I just invented that scarf style. =D

Before our trip, I bought this navy blue sweater from the Surplus Shop in SM City Cebu. I prepared 2 outfits during our day tour in Baguio one with a sweater and leggings if the weather didn't match a pair of shorts and a plaid polo. And so I wore this....

Navy blue sweater, leggings, scarf, bonnet and sneakers for day 2.
Unless you are used to cold weather, I guess you can take wearing a pair of shorts the whole day in Baguio City.

Last night in Baguio. I just realized I had 4 different scarf style. Lol!
For our 3rd day, we were to travel back to Manila so I wore a pair of shorts and my plaid polo which I prepared for my day 2 outfit but decided to wear sweater and leggings instead because of the cold weather.

Day 3 in Fort Santiago in Manila. I was supposed to wear this outfit during day 2  but the cold did BOTHER me!
I hope my blog entry helped you decide what to wear in the City of Pines!

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VanaLin said...

I Love Baguio! your outfits are cute :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you! =)

Inday Jay said...

gusto ko yung outfit mo na navy blue sweater with bonnet at yung una. Nice!

Jennifer said...

thank you! <3

Christine Simpao said...

Hi, saw your blog in GT.

Bet ko yung first outfit. Pak na pak sa ekonomiya sis.