I will just keep it short and simple. It's too hard for me to rant and it gets me nowhere. Ranting, feeling mad, angry and etc just makes me feel worse. I'm sooo sad, affected, a little bit bitter, and other synonymous feelings about Anoop's elimination. He had three straight very good performance and now he's gone. [mura jd siyag namatay noh? LOL! ] Pero seriously I'm really sad. AI is fixed. How did I know that? Join online forums.

And ohhh, let me just say this, Anoop's scruffy look is soooooo HAWT! w00twave.gif Oh my, he looks sooo manly but I still want the geeky college guy Anoop.wub.gif Wait. I love the two looks. Which is which? *weighing with hands* Scruffy? Geeky? BOTH? Both!

I will definitely buy your album. Gawd, this is my first time. I you Anoop.
I first got addicted to online forums way back year 2007. That's when I joined is a bisaya forum that's why I am comfortable with the members here and I loved them. Once, the site didn't open I freaked out thinking 'what about the threads that I posted on?'. Nowadays this forum is getting boring, well for me. Not a lot of people post in the thread that I am active in. I just viewed all my post and I'm most active in the American Idol Season 8 thread (the only thread i look forward to everyday) but sadly most of the people who post there seems like not really a fan of the show or they are just casual viewers.

I just hope I'd find my way back to this forum like I always look forward to log in everyday. I missed the old times. Really. The other members who were my online buddies before don't log in anymore or they just lurk there or some were deadma already.

Istoryan members who are reading this blog ---- well, if there is anyone, don't get mad at me. It's just I'm not enjoying at the moment.

I reached my breaking point in surfing the net yesterday. I was bored and I didn't know what to do. How come I didn't thought of band searching. My last band addiction was The Killers and it was so long ago. I mentioned in my previous post that I'm having a One Tree Hill marathon ( can I just say that Peyton is such a biatch! hate her! ). This show features really great bands. Nada Surf, Feeder and Honorary Title to mention a few. I already knew these bands before but was too lazy to research and download their songs and some songs in my mp3 were boring ( so much for boredom this summer) me already. It kinda sucks since my mp3 has this small memory space (256 MB). I also did a little Purevolume-ing. Hehe.

I'm currently loving these bands:
> Nada Surf
- Always Love .... love this song
- See These Bones
- Beautiful Beat
- Here Goes Something

> Feeder
- Feeling A Moment
- Seven Days In The Sun ...currently what you are hearing while reading my blog
- Concrete Bed

> The Honorary Title
- Stuck At Sea
- Untouched And Intact

> Dashboard Confessional ...yeah. I just downloaded their songs just now. Did I mention I was too lazy to research and download?
- Don't Wait
- Rooftops and Invitations

> The Fray
- You Found Me
- Never Say Never
- How To Save A Life

> Rascal Flatts
- Life Is A Highway ... This song is in the Cars movie soundtrack and my 3 year old cousin loves that movie. He also loves to sing this song especially the all night long part. He pronounced it "ol nye looonnngg". So cute, I always smile whenever I hear that part.

> Katy Perry
- Thinking Of You
*haven't listened to the rest of the album yet.

My ears were hurting because of the headphones. I was listening to their albums for almost 3 hours.

Oh well, try listening to those bands too. They are great.
One thing I am excited about summer is that I can surf the net all day. Surf about Anoop for one. LOL.. But as of now, it is getting boring. Well, probably this has something to do with me being sooo anxious with my grades.

I also noticed I don't check my Friendster and Multiply account anymore. It's getting boring there too. I regularly visit my Twitter account. It gets boring there sometimes esp if the people that follows you don't know you personally.

Boring word count: 3

I was having a One Tree Hill Marathon season 1 awhile ago. I soooo love Nathan and Haley.