For the first time, I wasn't thrilled when Billy Crawford announced that Miss Philippines has won in this year's Miss Earth. Why?! Because of some freakin' SPOILERS!! Argh! I just hate it when online forumers don't use spoiler tags. when I read the spoiler in that online forum, that thrill whenever I watch a beauty pageant just vanished.

On the brighter side, Miss Philippines really did win. I'm proud of her coz she's a fellow Cebuana. I'm happy but not thrilled. Karla Henry is the prettiest Miss Philippines ever. No wonder she bagged the crown. Among the four finalists (Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania and Philippines), Miss Philippines gave the best answer. Luckily for Miss Tanzania she recovered from a "Janina San Miguel" moment. If you don't know who Janina is, just search her name on YouTube and you'll know. Mexico's answer wasn't that good so as Brazil's. I didn't like MIss Tanzania's gown. She looks like she's going to her debut party. I like Spain and Czech Republic but unfortunately they didn't make the cut.

Click this link for the Q & A portion

This year's host were Billy Crawford, Priscilla Meirelles (Miss Earth 2004), and Riza Santos (Miss Canada - Earth 2006) Billy and Riza did a good job. I really can't understand Priscilla's english because of her Portuguese accent She hosted Miss Earth pageant two years in a row now. I just hope the production staff or whoever is assigning her to host would replace her next year. Whoever is the designer of Priscilla's gown (the blue one) should be arrested by the fashion police. It is unflattering to look at and she looks like she's pregnant.

Karla Henry and Janina San Miguel (just google her name if you don't know her.. :D) are batch mates in this year's Bb. Pilipinas. What a shame on the part of Bb. Pilipinas. Good thing Janina backed out.

Here are the special awards:
Miss Photogenic - Philippines
National Costume - Panama
Swimsuit - Mexico
Talent - Australia
Long gown - Venezuela
Friendship - Ecuador

The winners...( Their crowns are based sa mga color of the elements of the Earth)

Miss EARTH 2008 - Philippines
Miss Earth - Air 2008 - Tanzania
Miss Earth - Water 2008 - Mexico
Miss Earth - Fire 2008 - Brazil
I have a fear of dogs. I was chased by a dog when I was 5 yrs old. That memory has scarred me in my entire life that whenever a dog passes my legs just shivers and would ice out and makes my heart beat really fast. Whenever I go to my friend's house or anyone's house, I always asked them if they have any dogs. I sometimes cry because of dogs. I'm most scared when dogs "ila" their owners like they bark because they don't know you. Some stray dogs are ok because they ignore every one who passes them. Our neighbor just had their dogs and they let it out no leash or anything that keeps them from staying in one place. We used to have serious issues with this neighbor (her son has a mental problem and he keeps on throwing stones at our house and anything that disturbs us big time! but that was long ago). That's another story. Back to the dog. Their dogs, like right now while I'm typing this blog entry, barks at whoever passes at our place and I really meant WHOEVER, bisag kinsa! And now they are barking because someone just passed and it freaks me out. ATBANG pa jd namu ang amung silingan nga naay mga dogs! It really is a nightmare for me. Waaaaaaaaaaaa. I just hope they'll dispose of those dogs or put them inside their house or tie them. They have two dogs! Don't get me wrong. Dogs are adorable those kinds that I see on TV. I' m just scared. They are still barking! It scares me and annoys me coz it's so freakin' noisy!

What scares you?...
I'm a prisoner in my own house. I'm BORED TO DEATH in here. This sembreak is not worth remembering. Sucks!