It's summer and I have my fair share of summer outings and pictures. This year my awesome office mates decided to go to Bantayan Island. It's an island at the tip of Cebu and it's such a shame that I haven't been there after all these years let alone..being a Cebuana! Teehee! Bantayan Island is like a mini Boracay minus the heavy commercialization of the place and I hope it'll stay that way in the upcoming years because it would destroy the serenity and the pristine feel of the place. It's a perfect place to relax, spend time with your friends and loved ones. So the question is how to get there.....

Heaven on earth
It takes 3 hours from North Bus terminal to get to San Remigio ( this is where you will board a ferry going to the Island) so I suggest you guys should meet up early. If you are not from Cebu, you can take a taxi from the airport going to the North Bus terminal (near SM City Cebu; travel time around 20 minutes). 

Travel Time (North Bus to San Remigio) : more or less 3 hours
Bus:             There are lots of buses going to Bantayan but the most common is the Ceres bus liner.
Fare:            Php  150.00

When you arrive at San Remigio, it's time to board a ferry. The ticket costs Php 180.00.  Travel time is more or less 1 hour. While waiting arrival, you can take pictures of the wonderful piercing blue sea.

While boarding the ferry....=)
We stayed at Budyong Beach Resort. Our room costs Php 1,700.00 good for 4 persons plus extra charges of Php 150.00 for additional persons inclusive of a cushion bed. It was great coz our room was at the beach front. Just be careful if you decide to let them cook your food coz they charge a big fat amount! They charged us Php 500.00 just for cooking 1 kg of hotdog, corned beef , bacon, & 9 pcs. of eggs. So yeah...we learned. =D In fairness to Budyong Beach Resort, according to them they are independent with the restaurant who cooked our food. So they have a different management and owners I guess.



Bantayan Island is heaven on earth. Great beach, awesome food, awesome people...2 days wasn't enough and I want to go back there again and again.

Thank you Bantayan! It was a blast! =)