My 2010 was a blast. Best year to date. =)

These made my year:

> Freedom
      - Being single again was one of the best things that happened to me this year. I got to catch up with my life, friends and my hobbies (especially fangirl-ing..LOL).

> College Graduation
      - Need I say more? Haha! 

> Super Junior and KPOP
      - I started listening to KPOP last year but 2010 is just my full force KPOP addiction. XD. Music is universal. 

      - Super Junior. Aigoo. These boys just increased my KPOP addiction. Why do I love SuJu? Well, aside from their oh so freakin' hot looks..I love their songs,  choreography and most especially their BROTHERHOOD. =) My friend and I are going to watch Super Junior's 2nd concert here in the Philippines and since the start of classes last June, both of us really saved (for the concert tix) to the point that we almost didn't have a social life. =))

> B2ST Concert
     - YEAH! B2ST was my very first favorite KPOP group. I was ecstatic when I knew they'd be coming here in the PH. So, I flew to Manila with my cousin to watch their concert. =)

> FIFA World Cup
     - I always thought Football was boring but that changed when I first started watching my very first football match, that was South Korea vs. Greece. =) I also had my vampire days during the WC. I stayed up at dawn just to watch some matches. XD Till now I still read football updates. And ohh, did I mention I love Keisuke Honda? Hahha!

> FIBA World Championships
     - I lovvvee watching basketball but I don't play..I just watch. =)) I have a blog entry about the FIBA can just read it. =) Oh yes, had my vampire days too. =))

> SS3 Manila fever
     - My friend and I talked about SS3 Manila like it's a week away when it was still like a hundred days plus pa. =)) And now, it's less than 2 months already! Can't wait!

> Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 movie

> All the good things that happened this year. =)

2011 Wishes: * Mum will be fine. * Graduate...again. *A succesful Super Show 3 Manila leg. *World Peace. XD