August 24- 29 is our foundation week. Opening ceremonies was on August 26. The opening ceremony was a lil' bit boring. This year's intrams was boring. What makes it more boring is that our college's basketball team wasn't the champion this year, same with the girl's team. The college of commerce's cheerdance teamwere the champs this year. If I'm not mistaken, it's their fifth time to win the trophy. The college of eng'g were second and third were the college of nursing. Tomorrow will be the closing ceremonies. Hope it would be fun. The college of en'g and nursing were booing each other last yr. Hope they will do that tomorrow. Hahaha.
waahhh...I really don't have the time to read my two magazines. The July and August ish of seventeen are still pending for me to read. I also bought a new book How To Wear High Heels, I forgot the author and still i haven't read it yet. Maybe i will be able to read all of these this sembreak.