Some people really just don't care. Came 8:30 PM, I peeked into our neighborhood and still their lights were not turned off. I was having a One Tree Hill season 3 marathon and it was already 8:45 PM. I told my mom to switch off the lights. She asked me why? I told her it's Earth Hour. If we switch our lights off, it's like we did our part in helping Mother Earth. My mom and I had a lil fight that night so we were a lil bit bitter with each other. She had no idea what I was talking about but still I turned our lights off.
I should make this blog another Anoop blog. LOL. I loved his top 11 performance. His voice is just smooth and sexy with great falcettos. I find this week's performance better than last week. I was really smittened with his "oh baby baby". It's so sexy hearing Anoop sing this song. I kind of hated Matt a lil bit for singing Let's Get It On. That song should have been Anoop's. Anoop would have rock it. Listen to Anoop's version here. Just scroll down.

Download their MP3 versions of their live performances here with my two other favorites Megan (she was horrible this week)and Adam (yes, he's one of my faves now).


Megan. Good luck listening to it but i guess the studio version is better.


Stay tuned for their studio versions. I'll posting it in my Anoopaholic blog. STUDIO VERSIONS ARE UP!
Went to Mango (KTv lang ug gamay'ng inom) to forget about my final exams. I was with Stef, Adit, Vanity and her boyfriend, Maricar, Karren and Lovely. I felt better after.

Now I can surf the net whole day and hang out in to read some updates about Anoop. Hahah!
Just found this new --- well, probably not that new coz I saw this one in one of Anoop's fansite not so long ago so I made an account. It is a social networking site but a bit different to Friendster, Myspace, Facebook and etc. Your friends that follow you can read your updates every second while you are online. For example, you post what you are doing, how you are feeling, and etc. Pretty much you can talk anything under the sun on Twitter. It's like the things you post there are your updates on what's happening in every second of your life (if you are online of course..haha).

If you are done registering, don't hesitate to add me up.

I'm so crazy about him. It's madness but I'm loving it.
I really don't pay much attention to the lyrics of a song. I'm a music person. I pay attention first sa melody or beat sa song. The lyrics of Love Story by Taylor Swift caught my attention. I was singing along while holding a copy of the lyrics. As I sang along I was in love with the lyrics. Totally nice.

My fave part:

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes

Awwww. :D

He's so cute here. He's like a lil child. gosh!

Come on baby! Yeah. HOT! !:smitten:

Anoop is in. Oh my. I've got nothing much to say coz I'm speechless. Anoop's performance was hot! He got those girls in the studio screaming at him. I"m so in love with him. *fangirl mode* GOSH!

View his performance here:

Okay. I'm calm ---- NOT! Aside from his oh so beautiful voice, he was so handsome, cute, adorable kanina. Gosh. I loved what Simon said to Anoop. Likeable. Easy pick for wild card (he totally deserved it and he should be in the op 12..he was robbed by Micheal sarver!!). Original. Talented.

I'm anxious for his performance tomorrow.

Go Anoop!!!

ABOVE PICTURES were his reaction when his name was called. HOW CUTE!

Anoop is the hottest, cutest lahat nang est, ever!