I miss blogging! I'll start my year by creating a new blog entry after a year! So this was how my 2012 was. 

Late of 2011 I started to look for a job. The saying "Everything happens for a reason" is true. I wasn't really happy with my first job but I had to suck it in since I had no choice because I already accepted the offer. After 2 months, another company called  for an interview and I got accepted. So I resigned from my previous job. This new work just had positive things going on from the beginning. I had to fly to Manila for the orientation and training. It's just so amazing when you can go to other places because of work. I loved it! I also met with my friend who was in a review in Manila. To cut the story short, I AM LOVING IT.

My Lovely Office mates with partners (some)  =)

I couldn't ask for better office mates because they are the best. It is a great feeling when you wake up in the morning and not dread the day because you have to go to work. I always look forward to go to work. That's how happy I am in my current company. 

2012 was a career and love year. =D My heart is happy again after 2 years.

Things to look forward in 2013:

> Being a fully regular employee and enjoy the benefits.
> Our Cagayan trip in August.
> Eurobasket 2013.
> HOPEFULLY a Super Junior concert!!!!
> More time with the people I love.

Happy New Year!