Adventures in the Capital City: When in Intramuros, Manila!

It has been two weeks since our Baguioventures and I still miss the cold Baguio weather. Originally our plan during our 2nd day in Baguio, we should have traveled back to Manila during the night and sleep in a 9 hour bus ride. We were not able to buy Baguio to Manila tickets due to a huge number of passengers falling in line in the terminal when we arrived during our first day. As a result, we rented again the van we hired during our day tour to take us to Manila for Php 7,000.00. The bus fare of Php 800.00 we budgeted for our Baguio to Manila trip was used to pay for the van to take us to Manila. Luckily, our branch manager shouldered the additional cost.

February 8, 2016
We woke up early at 4:00 AM. Traveling in a private van saves a lot of time! We departed Baguio City around 5:00 AM and arrived in Manila at 10:00 AM. Our itinerary for today is to go to Intramuros and Cash N' Carry mall. Our van driver agreed to drive us from Intramuros to Greenbelt. We added Php 1,000.00 as his tip for driving us around the metro.

First stop was the cobbled street of Intramuros.  According to Wikipedia, it is an old district and historic core of Manila. It was the seat of the Philippine government during the Spanish colonial times. It's similar to Vigan's Calle Crisologo.

Nostalgic about my Vigan City trip 2 years ago.

According to an article from the Philippine Star, Intramuros was awarded the Heritage Prize 2015 by the Association of UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Spain. It is an award given to institutions that works in the preservation of Spanish and cultural heritage.

Security forces around Intramuros are dressed in "gwardya sibil (Civil Guard)" uniforns.

Next stop is Fort Santiago where Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, was imprisoned before his execution in 1896. Entrance fee is Php 75.00.

After having a taste of history, it's time to go perfume and chocolate shopping in Cash N' Carry. In the second floor of this mall, you can find a haven of imported perfumes and chocolates that sell much cheaper than in department stores.

Some of my Cash N' Carry loots!

After we went to Cash N Carry, we stayed in Greenbelt while waiting for our 10:00 PM flight back to Cebu. This entry concludes my 3 day vacation in Baguio and Manila with my Cebu Lahug branch office mates. Traveling in groups are always fun and lets you get to know the person you are traveling with even more. You always have someone to share the memories with whenever you miss the places you have been to. So to the beautiful specie reading my blog, ALWAYS INVEST IN MEMORIES because material things deteriorate but memories stay with you FOREVER. <3 nbsp="">

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