Woke up late. Traffic. Bad hair day. That irritating jeepney or taxi driver. Late at work. Work backlogs. 

These things can make your day like hell but you have a choice if you want to get it to you or see things in a positive way. I just want to share these handy day-to-day values that can either make or break your day. After a long vacation leave by my service head, I got a lot of work backlogs because I assisted our manager in branch operations and that left all of my paperworks not checked, not filed and untouched. I wanted to burn all those papers for callback (double checks transaction slips) and for filing but of course I couldn't do that. I had my tantrum days but I made sure that it didn't spoil my DAY. Sometimes all you need is a deep breath, close your eyes and gather your thoughts. Listing your work backlogs also helps. In my case, it motivates me because I just couldn't wait to put an X mark on all those things on my to-do list. These values that I'm about to blog about are results of my observations and SOME are pointed at me too. Tee Hee!

Now looking at all your work backlogs, the first thing some people would do is COMPLAIN. Complaining really doesn't help. It only worsens the situation and adds to your frustration of not doing things on time. It could also send some NEGATIVE energy to your workmates. Complaining only strengthens things on what you are complaining about. 

In an office environment, it's not like you are the only one who is busy. You're wrong. Be CONSIDERATE to your office mates. If you think your bubble is about to BURST, STOP AND THINK! You just can't throw tantrums just because you want to. Practice self-control because it is really IRRITATING to work if you have negative energy around the work place. The world doesn't revolve around you. If you really have a strong heart and mind that no matter what negative energy that is around you, you can always IGNORE your cranky office mate. 

After all these, the only thing that is most powerful is POSITIVITY. This really works for me. If your thinking "Yes I'm positive that I could finish my work...BUT..." , THEN YOU ARE NOT BEING AN OPTIMIST. You are still being a PESSIMIST. All you gotta do is BE FIRM that you could finish all your task and you won't notice that all the things on your to-do list are almost done. =) 


I hope this little blog entry made an impact. =) Cheers to positivity! Have a great day ahead! =)


I started watching basketball when I was in 1st year high school. The very first basketball game that I watched was between the 2002 RP team and a foreign team. I forgot what team was that but I think it was Chinese-Taipei. I could still remember my friends and I would watch live PBA games at the Cebu Coliseum, fangirling and crying at championships (only if San Miguel Beermen was on it). We didn't have a decent TV before so there were times that IBC 13 couldn't catch a signal so I turned to our radio and listen to the games.

My very first FIBA experience was in 2010 where I religiously followed the whole tournament in Basketball TV. You can read my blog entry about the FIBA World Championship 2010. =) In 2011 I also followed EuroBasket which is the European counterpart of the FIBA Asia Championship.  The Asian championships 2013 was held in Manila and it sucks so bad that I wasn't able to witness it! I was so pre-occupied last year that I didn't know about it until early July.

It has been decades that Philippine basketball is struggling putting our mark AGAIN in the international map but that was put to an end last August 10, 2013. Our last FIBA WC appearance was in 1978 and our last medal in the FIBA Asia Champs was in 1985 where we won the gold medal in Malaysia. We qualified for the 1986 FIBA WC but we weren't able to participate because our country was in a revolution that time. Last August 10, 2013 WAS HISTORY IN THE MAKING. We were in the semis against Korea. Philippines and South Korea were formidable rivals in Asian basketball. You can just research 2002 Asian Games and 2011 FIBA Asia Championships (wasn't able to watch this one).

I was so silent watching the whole game coz I don't want to preempt anything. It was a very close game. The crowd just gave me goosebumps all over my body and wished I was in the arena cheering for Gilas. The semis was an important game for the team because it was our ticket to SPAIN where the FIBA WC 2014 will be held. I was more tensed watching the semis than the finals. =D After consecutive field goals by Jimmy Alapag and Jason Castro that sealed our win, the crowd got wild and cheered for our team. While me on the other hand, didn't know what happened in the last minute of the game. It was a blur. What I knew that time was we won and we are going to Spain for the FIBA WC. I cried. I just couldn't believe it but yeah it was real so there. Haha!

You guys might ask what is the big deal about going into the FIBA WC. FIBA World Championships is like the FIFA WORLD CUP in basketball. FIFA World Cup is tagged as the biggest sporting event in the world but this one is for football/soccer while the FIBA World Chanpionship is for basketball. I wish FIBA is as big as FIFA but you know football/soccer is the most played sport in the world so I wouldn't be surprised why FIFA has more attention than FIBA. I was so happy the day after that I watched the game again for the 3rd time in Basketball TV and I still had the same emotion while watching it the first time. I cried again watching the replay. HAHAHAH! It was really a great day for PH basketball and I really hope this will continue in the coming years. Right now I'm missing the tournament already just like how I felt when FIBA WC 2010 ended. I just couldn't imagine our Gilas team banging bodies with my fave European teams, Spain and Lithuania. That would be so AWEESOMMEE! ♥

I really don't want to talk about the finals coz it would bring down the happy atmosphere in the semis. =D Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog. Expect another blog entry next year in time for the FIBA World Championships 2014 in EspaƱa!!!

Cheers! Go Gilas Pilipinas!!