FIBA World Championships 2010 (Turkey)

It has been a great tournament. Lots of exciting matches. Turkey is this year's host country. The Turkish fans were really supportive with their NT. This tournament has been dominated by team USA and no doubt they showed the world that they are the "kings" of basketball. Speed and defense got them to where they are right now. I'm no fan of team USA though. Haha! My fave teams are Spain and Lithuania. Hope Spain would start finding young new players because their NT is getting old and they might not be able to keep up with the other teams next FIBA WC and even in the 2012 Olympics. Something was wrong with Spain in this tournament too. Most of their wins weren't sooo convincing that they were the defending champs. I'm hoping for the best for Lithuania. I really hope they'd be dominating in the 2012 Olympics and the next FIBA WC in 2014. I hope Linas Kleiza will bring his A game in crucial matches. He was completely shut out during the semis. I hope Mantas Kalnietes will improve more in the next few years. And of course,  Ricky Rubio should really start hitting those jump shots, 3 pointers and etc. Shooting is really his weakness. I'm still hoping for a much better improvement with this kid. He's still young.

I stayed up at dawn just to watch the games live. I even had one absent in one of my classes because I was not able to wake up early. =D

To name a few exciting games:

> The game between Spain vs. Serbia. That was heart stopping! I rooted for Spain so I was really heartbroken with that loss. I will never forget the name Milos Teodosic. Lol! Also the commentator's heart stopping words while Teodosic was attempting the 3 point shot "Fasten your seatbealtssssssss...BAM!!!" =)) I will never forget this. =))

> Turkey vs. Serbia semi finals! That was one of the EPIC GAMES I've watch in all these years of watching basketball!!

> Serbia vs. Croatia. Too bad I was not able to watch this game because Basketball TV, the one who had the rights to show FIBA games, didn't show it because they suck at their coverage. BTV didn't show ALL the FIBA WC 2010 games. The only team they KNEW was team USA. >.<

> Lithuania vs. USA semi-finals. This game wasn't as exciting as the above mentioned but I just want to commend the Lithuanians for fighting hard and not giving up in that game. They almost had it but USA's speed and super fast transition defense prevented them to get closer with USA's lead.

It has been 4 days since the FIBA WC 2010 ended and I'm missing it right now. I'm so determined to go to Spain in the next FIBA WC in 2014. I have it as one of my GOALS. <--- Possible 

Till next FIBA World Championships 2014 in EspaƱa!

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Ayen said...

i was able to glimpse at some of the games since my officemates are into basketball. i admire your love for the games. i can see that you're really passionate about it. unfortunately, sports is not for me. ;D

Nathalie said...

Hmmm... I really could not relate as I am not a fan of basketball. But I'm looking around your blog just the same. :)

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jenbrenix said...

@Ayen: thank you! I even got depressed with spain's loss against serbia...=D thanks for visitingmy blog...will follow you right after..=)

@nathalie: thanks! will be following you right after...=)

Mrs. Kolca said...

My husband ang BIL really waited for this. Favorite talaga nila ang football/soccer.

Hi! Thanks for the visit dear. Visiting you back. Hope you can check PINK MAGALINE too and join my monthly giveaway. See ya.

Jennifer said...

^Thanks sis! :) I also followed the FIFA World Cup but mas at home ako sa FIBA World Champs. Hihihih.

We'll visit your blog sis! =)