My latest SPLURGE - Episode 1

From top..
Image 1 - Bag
Image 2 - Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling
Image 3 - Seventeen mag...
Image 4 - Moi..wearing my new hoodie with my cool bag with that "police line do not cross" on its sling
Image 5 - Hoodie
Image 6 - Fruit Jelly Tube from The Face Shop

I went to SM to buy a new lip gloss. I needed a new one because my old lip gloss looked like shit already. Haha. It was a Jelly Tube lip gloss so if there would be so much pressure on it, it would burst out. That was what happened to my previous lip gloss. The contents were spurting out everywhere. I put scotch tape around it. I went to Ayala the day before coz I wanted to try other brands of lip gloss. I went to the The Beauty Bar (sakto bah?...mao bah ang name?..kalimot man ko oi..hehe). Their lip glosses were expensive. Their cheapest was I think 500 plus. So The Face Shop gihapon ang last resort. I bought my previous lip gloss at The Face Shop.

So! Akong tuyo ra jd sa SM kay lip gloss. Pero kung maka tanaw na gani nig sale akong mata, mu siga daun. Labi na mga BAGS.
I passed by SM dept. store in SM. I saw this big karatula nga SALE. So mao toh. I bought this bag. It was my first choice. The original price was 700. I bought it for 380 pesos. Kinsa di matintal ana. Haha.

After I bought the bag, I went looking for a racer back tank top for my outfit in our next wash day. Haha. I can't find a cute one. So I gave up. I went to different boutiques just to window shop but when I went to Penshoppe I was in love with this hoodie. Haha. My money wasn't enough then so I promised myself to go back tomorrow and buy it. Turns out, it was really for me. Haha. To make a long story short, I bought the hoodie that day and wore it the next day.

My latest buy was a Seventeen mag December issue. I bought it just awhile ago. I haven't read it yet (just scanned...) but I think this month's ish is much better than last month's. Last month's ish sucked. It was a boring issue.

And oh! I also bought two Harry Potter movies and JK Rowling's new book Tales of Beedle the Bard (when i saw this..I immediately snatched one and went to the cashier with no hesitation..haha). Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. I'm such a Harry Potter fan.

END of Episode 1. See you next time. :-)

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