Online Forum RULES

I got addicted to online forums 4 years ago until now. I've encountered a lot of members of every kind. Annoying, pasaway, flamebaiter and etc.

Here are my top 10 forum rules:

1. Read the forum rules.

2. Respect other people's opinion.

3. Don't be a flamebaiter. It just shows you are an attention-seeking person.

4. Do not quote a post if your reply isn't related to that post. What's the point?
Member 1: I see there a lot of newbies in this thread. Maybe they are taking a break from the CPA review exams.

Member 2 (quoted the post of member 1): The function of this thread is to let other people know where to review in the CPA exams.

*He quoted a post and his reply isn't related to it.

5. Don't use txtspeak.
Example: "wen" = when; "u"= you; "skol" = school

6. Always use the search button for an existing thread.

7. Don't cry your concerns in public (Meaning making a thread about it. Like why you are given an infraction and etc). Just personal message a moderator.

8. Don't post just for the sake of raising your post count. Result? Yeah, more post count but your posts are NONSENSE.

9. Don't create a "versus" thread. It will create flame among the members and there will be chaos unless that forum is strict about this rule. Like the mods constantly monitor the thread.

10. Don't be afraid to voice out your opinions as long as you know where you stand. =)

These are based on my experience being an online forum-er for almost 4 years. =)

Cheers! =)

7 Thoughts:

My Lefthand Corner said...

hate ko rin text speak! :D

Golden said...

I totally agree with you!

Gel said...

agree! minsan hindi na talaga maintindihan yung posts eh.

it's me tey! said...

Bakit nga may taong mahilig sa text speak! "d q cla keri..." di ba nakakainis?

Goryo said...

Nice tips... nice blog.. nice post.. seemingly nice and a bit naughty person.. hehehe - peace!

jenbrenix said...

@Goryo: bakit naman ako naging naughty...LOL!

Nobe said...

everytime i want to know about anything. forums agad ako. hehe. im guilty minsan hindi ko na binabasa ang forum rules.