Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008

I was disappointed in this year's VS fshion show. I was too excited that when i watched it all of those excitement went off or the show just really sucked this year? If not because of those gorgeous models, the opening would totally be boring. I personally don't like Usher and that performance was.....ay ambot! The only collection i loved this year was the first one. They were like real life goddesses.

This year's music sucked too!! So overrated!!

Karolina Kurkova had a wardrobe malfunction but that was before she went off the runway. Sayang kau. I also noticed murag wa kau xa appearance this year. Hmph! Too bad because of that she wasn't able to walk in the final runway (not the finale). Tanaw nalang para maka baw mu..hehhe..

I miss Gisele Bundchen's fierce walk.

Tanaw ko balik sa 2007 VS fashion show kay bati jd ron na year!

Here are the links in this year's fashion show:

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Anonymous said...

para nako sa VSF ... nindot sa mind & eyes hehehe.