Goodbye CREATIVE, Hello APPLE!

♪♫♪♫ ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♫♫♪♪♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ <----- This? Just randomness. Hahah!

I can't live without music so when my Creative MP3 player gave up on me after 5 years of service I was really sad. It was a high school graduation gift from my aunt. When I graduated college last year, I kept nagging my mom to buy me an another music player. She didn't give the okay signal back then but early this year she finally gave in. =D 

The name Creative faded already. My old mp3 player really looked messy. Hahha!

Messy...Especially the back side. I lost the battery cover.

I chose Apple's iPod Touch because I love its features like you can use it as a music player, watch videos, put lots of application (with different functions!) and of course it is Wi-Fi ready. Sadly, I didn't foresee that I'll be putting a lot of videos from my Korean entertainment addiction so I already had to delete some of my applications. Yes, I bought the 8 GB one because I really don't want to burden my mom even more for a more expensive gadget but really I'm regretting it now. Haha! I really don't mind having little applications in my iPod Touch because the main reason why I bought this is because I want to listen to MUSIC everywhere I am. =) 

When you take videos using the iPod Touch, it really has a great quality. I took a video during Super Junior's 2nd concert here in the Philippines and the video and sound quality was really good. Too bad I didn't know how to zoom in so the artists were like ants in my video. =D You guys know how? Please do tell me how to zoom in while taking a video. =D I really don't have the knack to thoroughly explore things. Haha!

My favorite application would be the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Do I sound so geeky? No? Okay then. =D Since I also read books and watch Korean series some of the English subs gives you nosebleed especially in historical dramas that uses really deep and ancient words (For instance, I was watching this historical drama called Chuno. The English sub says "harebrained tomfoolery". I don't know those words! =D), I easily just typed in the words and voila! =D My other apps include CNN and BBC World News. =D These three apps will surely not be deleted...oh VLC app too. 

My new baby with Kim Heechul of Super Junior. Hahah!
Piece of advise. If you are going to buy an iTouch make sure to buy a 32GB memory or higher. Why did you choose your current music player? =) If you own an Apple gadget, what is your fave application? =)

9 Thoughts:

Cha said...

visiting from GT here. nice one sis. how much is it?

Jennifer said...

11,100 sis. =) Pero now I heard 9K plus na daw.

Ayen said...

wow naman! i've been wanting to replace my ipod nano for an itouch myself. but not my priority now since nano is still working. enjoy your itouch!

Jennifer said...

^I was thinking of buying Nano din sis but wala na kasing video playback yung new Nano now. So iTouch nalang. =D Pero you can sell it naman sis then buy ka nang new iTouch. =)

Faith said...

Visiting from GT. Nice. I'm thinking of retiring my iPod video, which has served me for a good three years. I'm still weighing it out between the touch and the nano.

Have fun with your new toy. :)

rOSe ♥ said...

Sosyal, sis! Now I realized na wala diay koy music player as of late. I don't know where our old shuffle went.:) The iPod Touch looks cute... nice alternative to the iPhone sad. If ever I were to get one, it would all for the Hipstamatic/Instagram app ra jud aside from the music. Hehe!

Enjoy your new toy!

Jennifer said...

@Faith: Buy an iTouch na sis. So worth it and make sure to buy the ones with a super huge memory. =D I'm sooo regretting my 8GB iTouch now. =D

@rose: Di jd ko mabuhi basta ala music player sis. =D Unsa na nga app? Ako g search about photos2 na noh? Heheh

thehappywife said...

Visiting from GT.
Cycorder, tap resort, instagram for me. Bubbles, Tozzle, talking tom and princess dress up for my baby girl. :) said...

oh yeah jena! try downloading super junior shake..:) pwd man sa apple..:) or nka dl nka?nyahahah!