The Guardian

Man, this movie was one of the best. I love these kind of movies. I just watched this in Star Movies. My plan whole day was to read Harry Potter book 7 but when I saw that The Guardian will be shown next in Star Movies I decided to watch since Charm, my friend, said that this movie is a must-watched. Ashton Kutcher was great in this movie. Plus, he's hot. Yum2 :-D Kevin Costner too was great. I admire all the people who serve their country. Saving people's lives and all. I shed a tear in this movie ----- not! I cried! haha. I'm such a sucker for bad endings. You know when one of the protagonists would die. Kevin Costner (Ben Randall) died saving Ashton ( Jake) in the movie. For once, I thought what if I attended the PMA or the coast guard but I really don't have what it takes. Did I just mention coast guard I don't even know how to swim. LOL. Anyweiz, you should watch this movie. Yeah, I'm kind of outdated when it comes to movie watching. Haha. Again you should see this. I'm going to buy an original DVD copy of this movie if I could find one.

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Penelope said...

I love the Harry Potter books! I was actually heartbroken when I read the last one and it was all over.