If you are a dog lover, I hope you would take the time to read this entry. All I need right now is the consolation and company (even online) of a fellow dog lover.

Yesterday, August 26, 2016 my pet dog, Herbie, has passed on to the next divide. He was a family to us for 5 happy years. He came into our lives in 2011. I was scared of dogs because I was chased by a dog when I was 6 years old and that trauma has stayed with me ever since. I know that dogs are beautiful creatures to take care of and so October of 2011 I decided to take in Herbie. He was named Herbie because by the time he was delivered by (he was given..I didn't buy him) our neighbor into our home, my mother and I were watching the movie Herbie Fully Loaded. Yes, the Volkswagen car Herbie. Same with other dogs, he was loving and fully protective of our home. He was closest to me. I was his Ate. My mom was his Mama.

Herbie was still not vaccinated with anti-rabies but don't you worry guys he was a good dog and haven't harmed or bitten anyone. There was a free vaccination in our barangay last August 25, 2016. Before he was vaccinated, he was already not feeling well. He was a bit weak and he didn't ate his dog food. He would only eat if I feed him with my hands like a baby. I told my mom to proceed on with the vaccination and at the same time have him checked with the vets. After the surgical procedure was done, Herbie was so weak due to the anesthesia, the stress of surgery and the anti-rabies vaccination. Ok so they say that's normal.

When I arrived from work last August 25, 2016, my heart just broke at the sight of him. He doggy cried (silently but I still heard him) when I arrived. Even if he was so weak he still stood up just to greet me at the gate. His face was so weak and full of pain but his tail wagged so happily from left to right. I told him to not stress himself and lay back again for him to relax.

I accompanied him thru the night. There was this bad instinct I felt at the sight of him. There was blood near his organs due to the surgical procedure that was done but my friends said it was normal. So I relaxed but the bad instinct stayed. I didn't want to go to sleep because I just want to be with him. If I could just sleep beside him all thru out I had already done it. My mom went home to our province and told her to go back in the city as early as possible the next day because I don't want to leave Herbie in that position when I go to work the next morning.

The day HERBIE LEFT US....
Morning of August 26, 2016, I woke up and the first thing I checked was Herbie. He was still weak and the sight of blood just scared me even more. They say it is normal for a dog to be weak 2-3 days after the anti-rabies vaccination and neutering but that bad instinct never left. My mom and I let him took the prescribed medicines. Anti-biotics for his surgical wound and ascorbic acid for his immune system.

When I left for work, I was at the gate and took a last look at Herbie. He looked at me too and that was the last image I had of him. Until now I still imagine that look and I can see the pain in his eyes. It was my last encounter with Herbie.

My mom left for work too. I texted her 12:21 PM:

"Ma, ayaw bya i si Herbie=("  (Ma, don't leave Herbie alone =( )

At noon, she went back home to attend to Herbie. My mom said his condition didn't improve. She stayed by his side all afternoon and that one text message confirmed that bad instinct I felt the night before. My mom texted me 3:24 PM:

"Inday, tawaga department of vet medicine and fisheries. Kutasan man Herbie" (Inday, please call the department of vet medicine and fisheries. Herbie is always out of breath.)

I called them but there was no doctor available. There was no one I could ask why Herbie's situation was like that. I texted my mom to always hydrate Herbie with water and texted her again 4:25 PM asking how Herbie was and that I will be calling again the Department of Vet Medicine but my mom replied at 4:45 PM:

"Inday, sorry au RIP na Herbie. Ako na ipalubong. Maka uli ka sau?" (Inday, sorry Herbie has RIP. I will arrange his burial. Will you be able to go home early?)

I was still at work when I received the message. I BAWLED. I never felt so much pain before. My father and lolo already passed away but it is a different pain when you get to be with them EVERY SINGLE DAY. My mom and dad were separated so I didn't get to spend much time with my father. My lolo lives in our province so I always don't see him everyday. With Herbie, it's different. I get to see this loving dog everyday! Who always waited for me to get back from work at the end of the day! Who happily wags his tail whenever he sees me!

When I went home after work, my tears would just fall. I rode a taxi since I know I will still be bawling out of Herbie's death. I didn't want to ride a jeepney. When I arrived home, my mom was cleaning Herbie's place where he stayed when he was still alive.

I stopped at the gate looked at my mom and looked at that empty space with no Herbie laying down and I cried like a baby. I decided to just let my mom proceed with Herbie's burial. I think I couldn't take watching Herbie dead. It was so eerily silent when I arrived home last night. There was a death atmosphere within our home. My mom and I lost a family member.


Herbie, ate Darling will always love you, miss you and remember you until eternity. I'm sorry you had to die in pain. ='( You will always be my one and only baby dog.

I love you, Herbie. ='(


Hello everyone! Been absent from blogging for a month because I was so busy at work. The branch is still adjusting from our officer's resignation. I even haven't had the time to color! I couldn't think of any topic so I decided to blog about my budgeting strategy.

Every pay day I always make sure before anything else I withdraw all my money in my payroll account and budget everything before I start to work. The reason behind is once I withdraw all my salary I might spend it all if I don't budget it beforehand. I always keep this little "red" book of expenses and once I start to budget I crushed it out one by one.

Every time I list down my expenses, my allowance until the next payday is on top of my list. My budget everyday is Php 100.00 but I always put in extra allowance just in case it would not suffice until the next payday. Next on my list will be my savings for my another bank account, credit card payments and budget for utility bills. When I budget each expense, I would always place the money in a small piece of paper, seal it and label the name of the expense so every time I open my wallet I will be reminded not to spend it because of the label of the expense. Our branch also has a  "hulog 2x" where we save a certain amount of money deposit it into the potluck bank account and we can withdraw everything during December. The ideal "hulog 2X" is Php 500.00 each payday. Do you have this in your workplace too?

After I segregate all the expenses from my current payday, I will list down my expenses for the next payday so I can control my spending especially my credit card purchases. In that little "red" book, I also list down my credit card purchases just to monitor everything.

Do you have any budgeting tips? Do you mind sharing it in the comments section or in a separate blog post in your blog (let me know!)?

Awhile ago in the office, our branch manager gathered us in an emergency meeting. The news is our branch service head is resigning. *a moment of silence*

Resignations in a work environment where everyone treat each other like brothers and sisters are so hard to take. I have been in my current employer for 4 years and there were two heavy resignations that already passed. Now is the third one. I know the only thing that is constant in this world is CHANGE but every time someone resigns I can’t help but wonder what would happen to us who were left behind. I guess it’s just a normal reaction but I know I can get through this. Two resignations and eventually after a few months of adjustment the branch caught up with our normal operations. I’m just sad like any other resignations that happened in our office.

As for me, I still don’t have that feeling that I want to resign. I don’t want to rush in my decision just because someone resigned, I too would resign. I know I can handle this. Been there, done that. There is no reason I won’t be able to handle this change. I just have to embrace it because it is part of life.

Everything happens for a reason and the right time will come in God’s time.


*Pics not mine. Credits to the owner.

It was a fine Monday. I was my usual self at work energetic and full of passion. I work in a bank. Banks have no lunch breaks. In my case, I am the only New Accounts personnel in our branch. If clients visit the branch to inquire or to open an account especially during lunch breaks, I have no choice but to cater these clients. Our branch is one of the busiest. 

I hate to admit but whenever I felt the need to urinate I sometimes held it to finish off what I was currently doing making the most of my time. I already experienced UTI before and the infection came back yesterday.From all the sickness I have experienced, having a UTI was the worst! Holding off theneed to pee bit my ass off! It was around 6:00 PM I finished off some things at work and yes I was already holding the need to pee. By the time I went to urinate, I felt something weird and thought shit it’s UTI again. I was not feeling well after I urinated. 

When I got home, I urinated after every 30 minutes. My original plan was to go to my OB-Gyne the next day but I wasn’t able to take the pain and decided to go to the emergency room in a hospital near where we lived. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and uneasiness the UTI has brought. The doctor in the ER instructed me to have an urinalysis and after an hour the results proved that it was a UTI. He gave me antibiotics good for 7 days and instructed me to have an ultrasound of my urinary bladder and kidneys. I was really scared because we are talking about kidneys here the possibility of  a dialysis is unbearable and costly! I can’t have that in my lifetime! Thank heavens my kidneys and bladder were normal after I got the result and have it interpreted by a doctor.

My office mate also had an allergy that he had to be brought to the hospital. Our branch was already disabled with two personnel on a sick leave. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to report to work but what about me? Should I just ignore my pain? From that moment, I thought I love myself and I have to take care of my body and decided to push through with my sick leave. Sometimes we get so being martyr with our jobs that we forget to think about our health. 

HEALTH IS WEALTH. If you are not healthy, you’ll spend all your money paying for consultations and medication. Always put your health on top of everything. It is not being selfish, it is just loving yourself and taking care of your body. You also don’t have to explain to people what you have been through. It is what it is. We have to be healthy for the people we love because who would take care of them if we can’t take care of ourselves. 



*Pics not mine. Credits to the owners.

I was presented the Liebster Award by Kirsty Rose who is a fellow member in The Blog Loft. The Liebster Award is an award for new blogs with less than 200 followers. This is also a good opportunity for new blogs to gain followers and readers. If you want to read more about the Liebster Award, you can read this blog.

There are 3 sets of rules in the Liebster Awards and I chose set# 3.
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Answer the 11 questions posted by the one who nominated you and you have to create another 11 questions for the new awardees.

Kirsty Rose's blog, Me, Cupcakes and Tea, is a lifestyle blog. She blogs about daily advises, being South African, and travel posts. Thank you so much for the award Kirsty! I appreciate it. =)

Before I will be answering the question by Kirsty, I have to write 11 random facts about myself.
1. I am a 26 year old Filipina who hails from the beautiful province of Cebu.
2. I work in a bank,
3. I love to travel the Philippines and the world someday.
4. I am into adult coloring. You can check my blog out for adult coloring posts.
5. I am a die hard Harry Potter fan!
6. My all time favorite US TV shows are One Tree Hill (I love Nathan and Haley!) and Charmed.
7. I am a KPOP fan but right now I only read updates about my favorite Korean actors and actresses and KPOP stars.
8. My favorite KPOP band is Super Junior.
9. My favorite Korean dramas are The Slave Hunter, Baker King: Kim Takgu, and Bridal Mask.
10. I love Marvel comics than DC comics,
11. I love the X-Men. My favorite character is Ororo Monroe (Storm).

Now the questions:
1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
- This is a hard one because I love to travel but if I could enumerate a couple of places it would be the province of Batanes in the Philippines (check this place out! It's like little Scotland in the Philippines!), South Korea and Europe!

2. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
- Filipina actress, Nadine Lustre.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words.
- Shy, patient, wanderlust.

4. You’re on a plane for 12 hours, who are you sitting next to?
- My boyfriend and office mates in my current employer including those who already resigned because we still keep in touch.

5. Describe your blog in 3 words.
- Simple, awesome, happy-go-lucky!

6. Have you ever kept a diary?
-Yes, when I was still in grade school!

7.Do you still remember your first crush?
-Yes, he was a guy from our neighborhood.

8. Do you watch Reality TV? What show is your favourite?
- Yup! My favorites are Survivor and The Amazing Race.

9. How do you feel about clowns?
- Uhmmm they're okay. I'm not scared of clowns.

10.  If you were in a talent contest what would your talent be?
- Singing.

11. What is your favourite mode of transport?
- Jeepney. It is the common mode of transport here in the Philippines.

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I had so much fun reading your blogs and I hope we will support each others blog by participating in this Liebster Award. =) So here are my questions to you beautiful bloggers.
1. What year did you start your blog?
2. If you could travel the world, where would it be?
3. I love to promote Philippine tourism so my question is what province would you want to visit here in the Philippines?
4. Are you a Marvel or DC fan?
5. Who is your favorite comic superhero?
6. What is your favorite US TV show?
7. If you could have 1 super power in one day, what would it be?
8. Superman or Batman?
9. If you are a Harry Potter fan, what house would you be in? If you are not a fan, you can leave this question by saying not a fan. =)
10. If I happen to visit your beautiful country (for foreign bloggers) or beautiful province (for Filipino bloggers), where would you take me?
11. What is your day job?

There you go! I hope you had fun in reading this post and I hope ya'll participate in this blog chain. Please let me know if you already answered the questions so I would also read them! =)

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Till then!


After a series of travel posts, let me take you back to my other love, adult coloring. I am going to share my new color combinations using Prismacolor Scholars and a few Colleen and Faber Castell color pencils which you could use in coloring flowers. I am not an art graduate. I was hooked into coloring August of 2015 and I only owned these lots of pencils when I started adult coloring. If you are still contemplating whether to buy the Prisma Scholars or not, well you should especially those who cannot afford the Prisma Premier pencils. They blend so easily unlike the Classic Faber Castell pencils. Colleen pencils also blend easily but Prisma Scholars are more vibrant in my opinion.

Bought this from Crafters & Scrappers. They have a Facebook page
This coloring work is from the book Obra Botanica. Obra Botanica is one of the coloring books in the Obra Coloring Books series drawn by Filipino artists. Before we start, you might want to read my first entry about Prismacolor Scholars: Color Combinations with Flowers since this is a related post.

Let's start coloring!

Blue Flower (Prisma Scholar)
    - Copenhagen Blue
    - Permanent Blue
    - Sky Blue

Red Flower (Colleen)
    - Carmine
    - Red
    - Rose Red

Violet Flower (Prisma Scholar)
- Purple
- Violet
-Light Violet
*I didn't color the white part of the flower but I used white pencil to have that shiny effect. So technically I still colored it just with white pencil. LOL!

Violet Pinkish Flower (Prisma Scholar)
- Orchid
- Pink
*I already posted this combination in my previous Prisma Scholar blog post. I used this combination again because this is one of my favorites. =)

Yellow Flower (Prisma Scholar)
- Deep Orange
- Orange Ochre
- Orange Yellow

Flower beside the shoes (Classic Faber Castell)
- 325
*When I bought my Colleen pencils, I never used my Classic FCs again. I missed using my FCs so I tried using it in this coloring work. It already has molds because I didn't use it for a long time but Classic FCs were so hard to blend that the paper got a little bit wavy due to the pressure when I colored it.

Small Pink Flower (Colleen)
- Carmine
- Rose Red
- Pink

For the masquerade mask and shoes, I used soft pastels, gold gel pen and gold color pencil. 

I used Daiso soft pastels. The one on the left I used on the masquerade mask while the one on the right I mixed both colors and used on the shoes.

The finished product. 
I hope this blog entry helped you with your color dilemmas. If you happen to like my work, just give me a beep on my Facebook page Thoughts by Anonymous. All you have to do is pay for the FRAME and FREIGHT if you are from outside Cebu. You can also browse my Instagram account @darlingsanity since I post most of my coloring work there.

Till then! Happy Coloring!


***This is NOT a sponsored post. Coloring works in this blog are all mine unless stated otherwise.

Okay so I am not a fashionably inclined person. Wearing a shirt and jeans or shorts I am good to go but--! Whenever I go on travels, I make sure I have a good set of clothing of course for pictorial purposes. Teehee! I would always buy new clothes whenever I go travel outside Cebu.  I am going to share how I came up with my Baguio City outfit. Char naman parang fashion blogger lang! =D Baguio City has an average weather of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius so scarfs. sweaters and jackets are your bestfriend when you visit Baguio.

For my Day 1 outfit which I wore from Cebu, I donned a tube jumpsuit, sandals with gold accent and a fedora hat. I wore a spaghetti strap top under my tube jumpsuit because I am not comfortable with tube tops.

Color of the day is Aquamarine!
During our long bus ride from Manila to Baguio, the aircon in the bus got so cold so I had to wear my jacket. So I advise to bring essentials like scarf, bonnet, jacket, leggings that could give your legs heat and sneakers. I could say we were lucky because when we visited Baguio the temperature reached 10 degrees Celsius during the night around 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM! Just the way I wanted!

Just arrived!
During the night...

I wore a blazer together with the scarf! A t shirt and jeans girl wearing this outfit is like a milestone! LOL!

When you visit Baguio, try learning the different ways of using a scarf. It can make a difference in your outfit. But really, I just invented that scarf style. =D

Before our trip, I bought this navy blue sweater from the Surplus Shop in SM City Cebu. I prepared 2 outfits during our day tour in Baguio one with a sweater and leggings if the weather didn't match a pair of shorts and a plaid polo. And so I wore this....

Navy blue sweater, leggings, scarf, bonnet and sneakers for day 2.
Unless you are used to cold weather, I guess you can take wearing a pair of shorts the whole day in Baguio City.

Last night in Baguio. I just realized I had 4 different scarf style. Lol!
For our 3rd day, we were to travel back to Manila so I wore a pair of shorts and my plaid polo which I prepared for my day 2 outfit but decided to wear sweater and leggings instead because of the cold weather.

Day 3 in Fort Santiago in Manila. I was supposed to wear this outfit during day 2  but the cold did BOTHER me!
I hope my blog entry helped you decide what to wear in the City of Pines!

You might want to read our  DAY 1 , DAY 2 and DAY 3 itineraries.
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Till then!


*This is not a sponsored post.

It has been two weeks since our Baguioventures and I still miss the cold Baguio weather. Originally our plan during our 2nd day in Baguio, we should have traveled back to Manila during the night and sleep in a 9 hour bus ride. We were not able to buy Baguio to Manila tickets due to a huge number of passengers falling in line in the terminal when we arrived during our first day. As a result, we rented again the van we hired during our day tour to take us to Manila for Php 7,000.00. The bus fare of Php 800.00 we budgeted for our Baguio to Manila trip was used to pay for the van to take us to Manila. Luckily, our branch manager shouldered the additional cost.

February 8, 2016
We woke up early at 4:00 AM. Traveling in a private van saves a lot of time! We departed Baguio City around 5:00 AM and arrived in Manila at 10:00 AM. Our itinerary for today is to go to Intramuros and Cash N' Carry mall. Our van driver agreed to drive us from Intramuros to Greenbelt. We added Php 1,000.00 as his tip for driving us around the metro.

First stop was the cobbled street of Intramuros.  According to Wikipedia, it is an old district and historic core of Manila. It was the seat of the Philippine government during the Spanish colonial times. It's similar to Vigan's Calle Crisologo.

Nostalgic about my Vigan City trip 2 years ago.

According to an article from the Philippine Star, Intramuros was awarded the Heritage Prize 2015 by the Association of UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Spain. It is an award given to institutions that works in the preservation of Spanish and cultural heritage.

Security forces around Intramuros are dressed in "gwardya sibil (Civil Guard)" uniforns.

Next stop is Fort Santiago where Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, was imprisoned before his execution in 1896. Entrance fee is Php 75.00.

After having a taste of history, it's time to go perfume and chocolate shopping in Cash N' Carry. In the second floor of this mall, you can find a haven of imported perfumes and chocolates that sell much cheaper than in department stores.

Some of my Cash N' Carry loots!

After we went to Cash N Carry, we stayed in Greenbelt while waiting for our 10:00 PM flight back to Cebu. This entry concludes my 3 day vacation in Baguio and Manila with my Cebu Lahug branch office mates. Traveling in groups are always fun and lets you get to know the person you are traveling with even more. You always have someone to share the memories with whenever you miss the places you have been to. So to the beautiful specie reading my blog, ALWAYS INVEST IN MEMORIES because material things deteriorate but memories stay with you FOREVER. <3 nbsp="">

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All pictures in this entry are all mine unless stated otherwise.

Till our next adventure!


Thank you for taking the time in reading #ThoughtbyAnonymous! =)

Travelling with 7 people requires a super early wake up call! On our 2nd day in Baguio, we were not able to go to all the tourist spots in our itinerary because some of my travel companions woke up late plus the traffic around the city was worse but that didn't stop us from having fun! If you plan your trip in Baguio during Panagbenga month make sure you have 5 days vacation in the city because the traffic takes a lot of time in your travel.

Let's start our day shall we?


The start of our 48th hour in Baguio City was the LAPERAL WHITE HOUSE also known as the haunted house. To get inside the house, there is an entrance fee of Php15.00 which is also a donation to the Baguio-Benguet Bamboo Initiative's Ifugao Bamboo Carving Exhibit. One friend who used the comfort room in the bamboo museum felt a sudden warmth on her nape when she went used the comfort room. Personally, I didn't feel any spookiness. Maybe the best time to go inside the White House is around 5:00 - 6:00 PM to experience something creepy! After we viewed the bamboo museum, we went inside the house and took pictures.




Next on our list is the BOTANICAL GARDEN. Right at the entrance were real native Igorots who were willing to take a pose with a fee of Php 20.00/each but we decided to just take a photo of the signage because there were around 10 natives so that would cost us Php 200.00! There is NO ENTRANCE FEE when you get inside the park.

There were native Igorot costumes that we could rent for Php 20.00 for photo ops. And so we were stuck in picture taking in Igorot costumes for like an hour! Haha!


We stroll around the garden and went inside the Japanese Tunnel. There was nothing much inside the tunnel. The government could have posted a history or pictures or Japanese statues inside the tunnel to make it interesting for us and to feel the war ambiance inside the tunnel.


We started touring the city around 11:00 AM already so we didn't have that much time. We finished at the Botanical Garden around 2:00 PM and we only have visited 2 tourist spots! =( After Botanical Garden, we proceeded to THE MANSION. The Mansion is used by various Philippine presidents for official engagements in Baguio City.

We were supposed to visit Wright Park, Camp John Hay and Mines View Park but due to our time constraint we decided to just proceed to the PHILIPPINE MILITARY ACADEMY in Loakan Fort Gregorio del Pilar. There is an entrance fee of Php 20.00. Before we got inside the academy, there were war tanks displayed for photo ops.


Around 5:00 PM, they conducted a flag down ceremony inside the PMA grounds. One soldier manning the entrance told us to stop and pay our respects to the Philippine flag. I can't explain how I felt that time. Patriotic feels just flowed being in a place where men and women sacrificed their lives in protecting our nation.


 A Baguio trip will never be complete without a picture of strawberries!


The PMA was our last stop. We went back downtown Baguio City to check in to our transient house for the night. We stayed in PHILOCA TRANSIENT HOUSE. They charged us Php 400.00/each person for a room good for 8 persons. After we put our bags, we went out and looked for a place to dine. 

Baguio has a SM mall ---- with no aircon! I thought we should check this mall out and indeed there were no air cons. It was colder during our 2nd day in Baguio with an average temperature of 10 - 13 degrees during that night. It was like haven! SM Baguio is located uphill so it was much colder.

Just because I wanted to feel much much colder, I ate a yummy Dairy Queen ice cream! Hahah!

After strolling around Session Road, we went to an ukay-ukay bazaar just outside Burnham Park and went back to Burnham Park again to buy pasalubongs.

Around 11:00 PM we went back to our transient house and rest for the night and felt sad because it was already our last day in the City of Pines.

A separate blog entry will be posted for our 3rd day in Luzon spent in Manila. 

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