Okay I'm gonna start my rant. Fasten your seat belts.

A month ago, Skycable had a new subscription rate and package. We have to subscribe for this DigiBox for 700 plus pesos or else they are gonna remove channels 55 and up. Being a fan of the Korean entertainment industry, KBS World (is on channel 55) is a must have channel. So my mom and I decided to avail for this new package. My mom also loves watching KBS dramas so she didn't hesitate to go for it. To be fair, I liked it that they would add new channels if you avail for this new subscription. Skycable added ETC, 2nd Avenue, Biography, Fox News, Al Jazeera and 3 other channels. The reception is really good BUT these positive feedbacks for the new box are shut off by negative ones (lots of them).

So the day the new DigiBox got installed it only worked for less than 24 hours! So we had to call customer service to have our box replaced!

This was what happened to our first DigiBox:

> While watching, it suddenly froze so I had to turn off both the TV and the box. When I turned on the TV again, "Loading 100%" appeared on our TV screen. I waited.....for a long me. So I turned it off again. The time when I turned on the TV again, still it didn't change. Same message: "Loading 100%".

The next day we had our box replaced. The technician said it was a FACTORY DEFECT. What-the-fuck.

Now my OTHER PROBLEM with the box is that the "No right to access scrambled programs. Please contact your Skycable operator." message OFTEN appears on our screen and sometimes (well, most of the time) ALL the channels are gone. Yeah, it happened lots of times that I didn't have problems remembering the 'no right to access blah blah' while typing.

ANOTHER PROBLEM: Since the new box was installed, it freezes a LOT! I mean you know..when you watch TV then in a snap the people on your TV AREN'T MOVING. So I had to turn off both the TV and box so I can happily watch TV again. Trust me..I did it a LOT of times. I just hope our TV would put up with this craziness.

OLD box:

Seriously, that was better!!! It had LESS downtime. I also didn't have LOTS of complaints with the OLD box.

I wouldn't be subscribing for this DigiBox had you not included KBS World as one of the channels to be removed! If there would be other cable company who would have KBS World in their channel list, TRUST me Skycable, I would DEFINITELY switch.

To future Skycable subscribers, you might want to think twice.

Skycable, this describes your service: COST >>>> BENEFIT


In fairness to Skycable, there are no signal  interruptions for a long time now. =) Trust me. You might want to re-consider your decision. :)

7 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

awe man! it's not worth the hassle at all.

Jennifer said...

So true. Too bad this new subscription has a 2 year lock in period. >.<

Anonymous said...

I also am having the same issues. To sky cable customers please help escalate this problem. it's Jan 2011 and it seems like the isssue is the same.
I got subsrcibed to it just this month and already, two boxes have issues!

Jennifer said...

^Our Digibox has been running smoothly since my last complaint. =D Hope yours will be taken action by SkyCable people. You can tweet them @SkyServes . They give out replies. =)

Ramil said...

just have a new subscriptionm, after an hour when i try to re connect the digibox from the power source it wont open anymore, not even the light, no light indicated on the standy area..very bad service

Anonymous said...

I googled the message and saw your post.. I have the same message in my TV screen 'no right to access scrambled program.' for I think around 3-4days now. In fairness to Sky Cable, they respond to my tweets so fast. As much as I appreciate their responsiveness, this is taking my patience. I will give them until this week to fix this.

Anonymous said...

we have been a long time GOLD skycable subscription package, amounting to almost 12,000 pesos a year advance payment to cover for the next 12 months. On the 4th month, suddenly they removed National Geo, Discovery, CNN, Myx, etc. WITHOUT any compensatory adjustment to the payment we made. Is that fair?? The package we took included these channels, now they're gone! Now, we have to purchase this digibox to get those channels back. It's like buying those channels again, when we already paid for them in advance as a GOLD subscriber..that digibox should be FREE! without any monthly service fees!...this is a total rip-off!...when our subscription expires, we will definitely switch to another cable company.