Health is Wealth! Be Healthy!

It was a fine Monday. I was my usual self at work energetic and full of passion. I work in a bank. Banks have no lunch breaks. In my case, I am the only New Accounts personnel in our branch. If clients visit the branch to inquire or to open an account especially during lunch breaks, I have no choice but to cater these clients. Our branch is one of the busiest. 

I hate to admit but whenever I felt the need to urinate I sometimes held it to finish off what I was currently doing making the most of my time. I already experienced UTI before and the infection came back yesterday.From all the sickness I have experienced, having a UTI was the worst! Holding off theneed to pee bit my ass off! It was around 6:00 PM I finished off some things at work and yes I was already holding the need to pee. By the time I went to urinate, I felt something weird and thought shit it’s UTI again. I was not feeling well after I urinated. 

When I got home, I urinated after every 30 minutes. My original plan was to go to my OB-Gyne the next day but I wasn’t able to take the pain and decided to go to the emergency room in a hospital near where we lived. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and uneasiness the UTI has brought. The doctor in the ER instructed me to have an urinalysis and after an hour the results proved that it was a UTI. He gave me antibiotics good for 7 days and instructed me to have an ultrasound of my urinary bladder and kidneys. I was really scared because we are talking about kidneys here the possibility of  a dialysis is unbearable and costly! I can’t have that in my lifetime! Thank heavens my kidneys and bladder were normal after I got the result and have it interpreted by a doctor.

My office mate also had an allergy that he had to be brought to the hospital. Our branch was already disabled with two personnel on a sick leave. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to report to work but what about me? Should I just ignore my pain? From that moment, I thought I love myself and I have to take care of my body and decided to push through with my sick leave. Sometimes we get so being martyr with our jobs that we forget to think about our health. 

HEALTH IS WEALTH. If you are not healthy, you’ll spend all your money paying for consultations and medication. Always put your health on top of everything. It is not being selfish, it is just loving yourself and taking care of your body. You also don’t have to explain to people what you have been through. It is what it is. We have to be healthy for the people we love because who would take care of them if we can’t take care of ourselves. 



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Karen said...

i had uti too so i know the feeling. the worst thing about it was not being able to feel the satisfaction after you urinate. ugh! take care sis and try drinking cranberry juice! that'll help.

Jennifer said...

I'm feeling ok now....antibiotics...hehhe

VanaLin said...

I totally is wealth. If we don't take care of our bodies, one day it will bite us in a$$ and we will end up spending more from our hard earned money. Lesson learned for me too so now I make it a point to use my HMO card for checkups and lab tests when I feel any discomfort. :)

Hope you feel better now :) drink lemon water regularly

Jen said...

HMOs are really important sis! utilize your HMOs..when i went to the ER i didn't pay for anything...yung insurance na..also my follow up na din. hehe

Love Love ♥ said...

GAAAAAH, I also hold off my pee during work hours because I wanted to finish my task first uninterrupted. I'm sorry to hear that you have the UTI back, you should try sambong leaves na nilaga kasi it works.

But yes, health should be prioritize.

- curiousweekends

Jacqueline Uy said...

had this last year but didn't feel any symptom at all.. I just went in for a routine test with blood exam and urinalysis and found I have numerous wbc. Was put on antibiotics that had side effects so I ran to my ob gyn din. Grabe kaya inom na ko ng inom ng water.