Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows (links)

VS Fashion Show 2007.

Will.I.Am rocked that opening. I missed Gisele Bundchen. She's so great on the catwalk. Selita Banks got to wear this year's fantasy bra.

VS Fashion Show 2006

This ones totally my favorite. Why? Aside from their great collection ( I loved the Fly With Me collection)? It was like Karolina Kurkova's show. She's my favorite. She was amazing on how she carried herself when that shoe slipped off. She also got to wear this year's fantasy bra. I'm such a fan. I also love how Gisele Bundchen opened the show ignoring Justin Timberlake when she walked past him. Now that's a professional model.

VS Fashion Show 2003 < --- yey! I really dug this on YouTube, good thing i found it!

VS Fashion Show 2002 <--- not in particular order

Karolina got to wear the fantasy bra this year pud diay. She's amazing. It was in part 3.

VS Fashion Show 2001 <--- kit an na jd..

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Anonymous said...

jen! love it!

THANKS SO MUCH! i was so looking for the VSFS 2003 but i couldnt find i
i already have the VSFS 2006-2008

thanks so much for the link!


go karolina!!

c ya round :)