XOXO, Gossip Girl

Okay so I jumped in to the Gossip Girl bandwagon. At first, I really didn't care about the show until one of my friends lent me her dvd--- at last. First 2 episodes I got really hooked and excited. I liked Dan because he is funny and he's my type of guy among the GG guys. My excitement kind of went down as I watched the show. I can't help but compare my number 1 barkada TV show, One Tree Hill, to GG. After watching season 1 of GG, One Tree Hill is still on top of my list.

Here's what I thought of the show:
> Most of their characters are boring. I like Dan and Serena at first but they bored me. Super. Dan being funny kind of faded as the show progresses.

> Blair. I don't like her but sometimes I do. She's such a brat but on the brighter side, her character isn't boring.

> Nate. Hmmm. Hot guy but really boring. Ugh.

> Chuck. I don't find him handsome but same with Blair his character isn't boring. So, he's saved.

> RUFUS! The only HOT guy I sticked through out the show. I love Lily-Rufus loveteam.

> Jenny. Need I say more? Social- climber much but I liked her as Dan's lil sis.

> Serena and Blair's chemistry as BFFs isn't that convincing to me. Again, I can't help but compare them to One Tree Hill's Brooke and Peyton.

> All the "ka sosyalan" of the show kind of you know I don't know sickens me a bit. OTH is so much better. Peace out! =P

But still, I'd watch season 2.

EDIT: It just shows I wasn't hooked with this show. I didn't watch the rest of the seasons. LOL!
Cheers to all GG fans out there! =)

4 Thoughts:

yuuki said...

wow! love this show...keep it coming...

chelie-san said...

hoi blair aq! haha

jenbrenix said...

@chelie: LOL...cge ikaw si blair....=D ako a si Rufus...LOL!

My Lefthand Corner said...

malapit na rin akong magjoin sa bandwagon na yan dahil daming kumukulit sa'kin hehe!