Shangrila Mactan

I just want to commend Shangrila Mactan's service. Their service was really great. They are worthy of the label '5 star hotel'. The staff were really nice, friendly and approachable. Every time we passed by the lobby or anywhere else they always greet you with sincerity.

It was my second time at the Shang last Saturday thanks to my friend, Jazzy, she invited me and Jennifer. We stayed there whole day and had fun. I just wished all three of us did get to swim in the beach and in the pool. Jennifer didn't bring extra clothes while Jazz..well, girlyreasons. Haha. Our pictures were 300 plus! Gosh, we are vain. LOL! I was exhausted in uploading our pics. Haha.

I hope the next time I stay at the Shang it will be overnight.

3 Thoughts:

i like CEBU said...

nindut jud ni ang shangrila..ako fwen pirmi diri

chelie-san said...

suya jud q! mga layxoo hahah

jenbrenix said...

One of the best summer escapades I had.