American Idol 8 Finale

His profile is LOVE. =D

One of his best outfits.

Man, this season is so memorable to me. It was my first time that I fell in love --- 'fell in love' is an overstatement you think? LOL. Well, let's just say I was never a fan girl before of any celebrity. Anoop made me a fangirl BIGTIME! I did things I don't usually do especially in watching AI.

Talking about the finale. I was only excited for the finale because I got to see Anoop again! And then we only heard him sang like what 3 lines? Or to sum up all his performances maybe like 10? SUCKS! Lil got a duet with Queen Latifah and she's top 7. Dammit. >:(

On the brighter side, Anoop was smokin' HOT in the finale. Anoop in a suit in their introduction performance for Rod Stewart was smokin' HOOOOTTT! I just didn't like that he wore the OBB jacket again but still he was hot. LOL.

About the winner, well I was never a fan of Kris but I want to commend his humility. I wanted Adam to win! I just don't like Kris' style. Kris has been compared to Jason Mraz and I'm not a fan of Jason Mraz so there you go. =p Why I wanted Adam to win? Duh, if you've read my blog, you'll know. Okay, I can relate to Adam's genre, rock. I've been downloading his studio versions (and those were GREAT!) and I had no problem listening to it. If I'd listen to Kris' studio version, I'd probably fall asleep. LOL!

I just hate people saying "I don't like Adam coz he's gay". That's just SHALLOW.

Adam performing with Kiss and Queen? That was the BOMB! I think Kris was overshadowed by Adam during the Queen performance.

I'm gonna miss this. I hope next AI season I won't get attached to any Idol anymore. Hell, it's tiring espcially emotionally but in Anoop's case, it's all worth it. =)

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