Awhile ago in the office, our branch manager gathered us in an emergency meeting. The news is our branch service head is resigning. *a moment of silence*

Resignations in a work environment where everyone treat each other like brothers and sisters are so hard to take. I have been in my current employer for 4 years and there were two heavy resignations that already passed. Now is the third one. I know the only thing that is constant in this world is CHANGE but every time someone resigns I can’t help but wonder what would happen to us who were left behind. I guess it’s just a normal reaction but I know I can get through this. Two resignations and eventually after a few months of adjustment the branch caught up with our normal operations. I’m just sad like any other resignations that happened in our office.

As for me, I still don’t have that feeling that I want to resign. I don’t want to rush in my decision just because someone resigned, I too would resign. I know I can handle this. Been there, done that. There is no reason I won’t be able to handle this change. I just have to embrace it because it is part of life.

Everything happens for a reason and the right time will come in God’s time.


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Christine Simpao said...

#whogoat sis!

Natamaan ako dito. :D I myself had already rendered my 30 days notice a week or so ago after 4 years in my current workplace. It is a tough decision to make especially since I really enjoy my job (despite the backstabbing and drama that comes with being in a team with only 1 straight male, go figure haha). But, hey... nothing is constant except change.

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Love Love ♥ said...

Aww! This happens most of the time because - well - everyone needs to move. Just try to keep the relationship in tact so you won't lose the friendship, sis! But yeah the sadness of someone leaving will be there, but time will help you move on. Hang in there! ;)

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Jacqueline Uy said...

I was taught by my elder brothers and my former colleagues not to resign from a job I dislike until I find a suitable replacement. Yun lagi kong iniisip, kailangan muna may kapalit bago umalis :) Hang in there, no need to leave if you're still okay with your work naman :)