Extreme Fangirl-ing Part 1 (B2ST)

I started listening to K-Pop summer of 2009. The first idol group that caught my attention while watching Music Bank was B2ST. The song Bad Girl really has a catchy beat. The addiction started there. I watched their MV on Youtube lots of times in a day. Watch the music video of Bad Girl HERE.

B2ST is a South Korean boy group managed by CUBE Entertainment. The members are Doo Joon, Yo Seob, Gi Kwang, Hyun Seung, Jun Hyung, Dong Woon.

B2ST had a concert here in the Philippines last June 19, 2010. Of course, I was there. =D My cousin accompanied me to the concert. I couldn't afford to miss it. They are the first idol group that caught my HEART. =p

It was really a wonderful experience. Here are some of my pics.
Upper: Big screen inside Araneta. Below: Queuing outside Araneta.

Upper pic: Inside Araneta..I was really shaking when we got inside Araneta because can't believe I was gonna watch and listen to them live. ♥
Three boys pic: My fave members of B2ST.. Gi Kwang, Yo Seob and Doo Joon.

Their 2nd mini album, Shock of the New Era, was also good. I love listening to their slow songs. You might want to check out, You Take Care Of My Girlfriend. The lyrics of this song are heartbreaking..but it's really good. Listen it HERE.

A lil' sneak peek of the lyrics of the song, You Take Care Of My Girlfriend:

"A friend of mine asked me today
If he could go out with you
He told me he could cherish you better than I can
Considering now that we broke up"

"Knowing deep inside that I would regret saying this, I still pretend to be cool
Even though when he turns around, I'll be broken and secretly begging him to stop"

Oh can't you see, I'm still loving you
My heart is still not ready to let go
Say no no no no no, Say no no no no no
Say you can't because your heart is still waiting for me, Say no!

Other slow songs of B2ST you might want to check out:

I provided a Youtube link with English translations so you won't be stressing out wondering what those lyrics mean. :)

> Easy---- Listen HERE.
> Oasis ---- Listen HERE.

Hope after reading my blog, B2ST also captured your HEART. =)

PS: Watch out for Extreme Fangirl-ling Part 2. Super show 3 (Super Junior's concert) on February 26, 2011. See yah there! =)

3 Thoughts:

Karla said...

I really like the song Bad Girl too. I think this song is very catchy for a debut. ^_^ You're lucky to watch the concert of B2ST. Even though I'm a fan of kpop, hindi ko pa din natatry makapanood ng concerts nila dito. Wala kasi ako kasama, hehe.

Babalik pala Super Junior dito. Kelangan ko to ipamalita sa ex-officemates ko. Big fan kasi sila ng SJ. I'm sure pupunta yun sa concert. Thanks for the info. :)

Jennifer said...

^Thanks sis. =) Lucky kahit di ganun ka near yung seat ko. Upper box A yung tix ko eh. =D

Watch ka nang Super Junior concert sis! You like their songs din bah? It will be really worth it. Super nice kasi nang production nang concert nila plus 10 HOT guys yung mag pe-perform so sulit na sulit. =DD

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