Life without HIM…..Have you ever lost a love so Priceless?!

I wrote this article in my senior year. This was published in our school magazine (E-Mag or Eastern Magazine). This is about my father.
I really don’t have a memory of my father when I was a child because my parents got separated when I was just three years old. In the thirteen years of my life, I really did not feel the love of my father, which is difficult. Whenever there is a form in school to be filled up and are required to write our father’s names, on my paper, all I do is just leave the space behind. Because my father’s bloodline is known all over the place, my mother would not let me acknowledge him. She was afraid that I might be abducted. Sometimes, I tend to get jealous whenever I see daughters with their fathers especially if they are close. I also don’t have any siblings, which makes life a bore. I also envy those girls who have their older brothers to watch over them, especially when it comes to guys, you know if that guy is going to fool me, he can just kick that guy’s butt and ta-da…he’s doomed! During my freshmen year in high school, my school accounts were too big to handle for my mom so we decided to contact my father but we couldn’t reach him. Mother was working in a company, which repairs lamps. How fortunate of me to have father’s brother as a customer once at mom’s workplace, so he gave her the address where we could talk to my father. So I wrote a letter to my father saying that I needed his support and that mom couldn’t raise me alone because her salary is not enough for the two of us especially now that I’m studying in a private school. I remembered including in that letter that I also needed his love stating that if he really doesn’t want me as part of his life, then he could just support me financially until I finished college because education is really important to me. A few days after, I got a reply from my father saying that he is willing to finance me. I was happy at that moment. It continued. Now, in my sophomore year in college, he still pays my school bills, provides me sumptuous food, and occasionally, I still do get my allowance. Even if I could feel his care already; there is this feeling of thirteen years of incompleteness inside me. I still want to experience traveling with my father, to go to movies with mom and him. I’m not asking them to be back together but at least we have this get together. I know it sounds too ambitious; yet, I still want more. I want to get more out of his love. Is it too much to ask?
It’s really difficult growing up without a father, so to those sons and daughters who think that a father is just a provider in this world, think twice. You just don’t know how lucky you are to have him.

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