Adventures in Bicolandia: Albay and Camarines Sur

Every Pinoy traveller's bucketlist is to visit the magnificent Mayon Volcano. I am grateful to achieve this bucketlist trip after my Ilocandia trip (also a in my bucketlist) last 2014.

We are headed to the Bicol region. The region is composed of 4 provinces, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Albay. We only visited Albay and Camarines Sur.

My friend booked us a Cebu Pacific fare promo last August 2015. Other than the Mayon Volcano, I also wanted to visit the Caramoan Islands since I loved watching the reality series, Survivor (USA). The municipality of Caramoan rose into the international spotlight when the Survivor series started shooting there for a number of seasons. Survivor franchises from different countries such as Bulgaria, France, India, Israel and Serbia also started shooting in Caramoan which boost the tourism in the island. Every Survivor fan should visit this place. They also have a souvenir shop named Tribe Camp Souvenir Shop. Each team in the Survivor series is called a Tribe and each tribe will have their Camp in an island. An immunity idol was also displayed in the shop but the attendant didn't know from what season or country was the immunity idol from.

If you are a food and chili lover, Bicol is the right place to be. I will have separate entry for food trips.

One thing I noticed in Albay and CamSur is the cleanliness of the province. Almost every corners of the street and streams of water around the province or at least the ones I have passed when travelling were clean. Small streams of water were free of garbage. If there were any garbage it was manageable to clean up. I hope Bicolanos will maintain this cleanliness as they lean towards industrialization and commercialization of the region.

I will have a separate blog entry for our itinerary.

As of now, we are in Legazpi Airport waiting for our flight back to Ubec. This will be it for now.  


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