Super Junior: Super Show 3

SS3 Manila: The AFTERMATH - My concert experience. Best night of my life.

WHEN: February 26, 2011
WHERE: Araneta Coliseum (Manila, Philippines)

A lot of Super Junior fans here in the Philippines (including me..) are itching to watch Super Junior perform on Philippine soil....again! I'm blogging about this because I want to show my support for the production company, Pulp Live Productions, who made SS2 last April 2010 possible. I wasn't able to watch SS2 so I'm really determined to watch SS3. Heck, I already have a plane ticket booked for the concert next year!

Update as of February 3,2011: SS3 Manila Ticket updates. According to HAPPEE SY:

"HAPPEE SY: Upper B Center: if we didnt contact you, it means no more available..

Upper B Sides: you may call our office at 687-1709 to order
Upper A Center: sold out
Upper A Sides: sold out
Gen Ad: go to all Ticketnet outlets nationwide
SVIP Left/Right: we are still waiting for final count"

Visit her Facebook page for more infos in purchasing SS3 Manila tix thru PULP and Happee Sy. CLICK FOR HAPPEE SY'S FACEBOOK PAGE. 

Update as of February 2, 2011: GENERAL ADMISSION has been open. Get your tickets now at Ticketnet and Ticketnet outlets nationwide! :) 

 " HAPPEE SY Great News! Starting tomorrow, Feb 2, 2011. Gen Ad for ss3 will be available in all Ticketnet Outlets Nationwide. This is your last chance to grab your tickets. So hurry.." SEE SOURCE LINK HERE

Update as of December 28,2010 ( Hotel Accommodation for SS3 Manila ): The boys are staying in MAKATI SHANGRILA. Check Happee Sy's Facebook account for more infos. =) 

Update as of December 15, 2010: FOR INTERNATIONAL ELFS; You can purchase your ticket through HK Ticketing. Click the link to re-direct you to HK Ticketing's website --> Purchase SS3 Manila tickets here (FOR INTERNATIONAL ELFS)

Happee Sy: "December 15: We open SuperShow 3 Ticket Selling Worldwide via HK Ticketing :D (crossing fingers) that this time around we fill Araneta Coliseum so the boys will be happier. :) To all those who havent bought your tickets yet, anytime you're ready, just go over to Ticketnet outlets nationwide and buy na! :D"

**Happee Sy and Pulp live Prod. are the organizers of Super Show 3 Manila. =)

Go buy your tickets NOWWWWWWW!!! =)

Update as of December 13, 2010: 

HAPPEE SY via Ticketnet: there are still plenty of Upper A seats. fyi people.. so its not sold out.. just letting you know, again and again ;) thanks. :) go grab tickets soon as you can.

Update as of December 1, 2010:  Super Show 3 Manila tickets now on sale:

To those who doesn't have their SS3 tickets yet, go buy now. It's not sold out yet as per Happee Sy's statement in her Facebook account:

"Guys, pls stop spreading na tickets are sold out. Nag papanic tuloy lahat. It is NOT sold out. Madami pa. Ticketnet just cant release lahat agad agad, specially svip's coz we cannot crush everybody in na masikip na masikip, so we are adjusting according sa stage layout kung liliit or lalaki.. so please refrain from spreading sold out tickets news coz its really gonna affect our ticketing too. tnx for the cooperation." - Happee Sy

There were a lot of unavailable tickets today (December 1, 2010) because the tickets are RESERVED. Ticketnet has a 1-day reservation period if those reserved tickets are unpaid after 24 hours it will be open again for sale. =)

Super Show 3 Manila Final Seat Plan and Ticket Prices.

Ticket Prices: Standing VIP - 7500 ;  Upper A - 6500 ; Upper A (Sides) - 5000 ; Upper B - 4500 ; Upper B (Sides) - 3000  *All ticket prices are subject to 5.6% tax and Ticketnet charges. So you guys do the math. =D 

If you have questions, please visit my Formspring account .<--- link

Update as of November 10, 2010:

Ticketing Events will be on November 28, 2010. It will be done simultaneously in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Manila. Cancelled! As of November 22,2011.

"Happee Sy  Vernon Go: 

SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW 3 tickets go on sale Dec. 1, 2010 in all Ticketnet outlets nationwide. No further special assistance will be rendered from Nov. 22, 2010." - Happee Sy FB page

In Cebu, it will be held at SM City Cebu. I don't know the venue of the three other places.

SS3 Manila VVIP/VIP Tix Reservation (on November 14, 2010) Hotline: 565-0524 (from 1-6 PM)

Update as of October 17, 2010 : Happee Sy just posted this on her FB page.

"ss3 is pushing thru no matter what happens.. dont worry guys. :) we will make this happen.. and with all elfs there, ss3 will be the best concert party ever! :D"

And really, SUPER JUNIOR is one of the most popular KPOP group in the Philippines.

So Filipino ELFs reading this please help us spread the word. We are gonna ROCK this concert on February 26, 2011! Yeah! :)

My SS3 Manila Check list:
Plane Ticket CEB-MLA: CHECK!
Plane Ticket MLA-CEB: CHECK!
Concert Ticket: CHECK!
Hotel Room: CHECK!
February 26, 2011: WAITING!!!! And it's killing meeeeeeeeeeeee!!! =))))

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jenny said...

im gonna watch ss3 along with my newfound ELF friends!
those sponsors who doubts on us should know by now that there are thousands of ELFs across the country!
ELF fighting!for the love of Super Junior we should never give up now!

Jennifer said...

True that Jenny!!


hazedhaze said...

Me too! Imma watch! I will search for Happee Sy on facebook now na! Thank you for this! Hopefully they can push through!

Jennifer said...

Sis hazedhaze, I posted a link of Happee Sy's FB account in my entry. =)

Karla said...

Sis, thank you very much for posting. Matutuwa talaga ang mga friends ko na Suju Fans sa news na to! :D

Karla said...

Sis, regarding pala yung question mo sa tagboard ko re how to add a new page punta ka lang sa new post then edit pages then new page. May option ka if manual mo ililink ang new page or ilagay sa sidebar :)

Sorry pala if late reply. Ngayon ko lang nakita :(

Chick-Chat with Jamie said...

Oh, K Pop! :) I think I'm so old, I didn't know what Super Show 3 is! Haha!

fhei said...

wah!!!! so excited!!! thanks kpop con 2 i got an upper a ticket.. :)

Jennifer said...

^So lucky! =) What section areyou sa Upper A? =)

andry yudha said...

Kyuhyun && Donghae.. s ;)
great the MV and Eunhyuk's dancing :O as always.
This will be stuck in my head for a while.
Super Junior fighting!