It has been 3 weeks since SS3 Manila but I still feel the euphoria. I constantly watch and download fancams from SS3 Manila. SS3 Manila or Super Show 3 Manila is the 3rd Asian Tour of a Korean boy group, Super Junior.

I wrote a blog entry 2 days after the concert but I had to delete it because I sent that entry to Pulp Mag hoping my story would be published. The organizer doesn't want the articles sent for publication to be posted in the internet so I deleted it. I will post it again here in my blog when Pulp Magazine Super Show 3 Manila edition comes out. =) I know a lot of us sent articles but I'm still crossing my fingers mine would be published. =D

Super Show 3 Manila was fxxkin great!!!!!!!!! ♥

3 Thoughts:

Karla said...

Jennifer, looks like you had such a fun time in SS3. My former officemates also cannot stop talking about the concert when we were able to chat the following day, hehe. The love Heechul so much! :D I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that your story will be featured. ^_^

Too bad I was not able to go because it was on the same date of my sister's wedding. :( But hey, maybe there will be SS4 in the future, hehe. ;)

Btw, you have an award from me. Please get it here:

Emmaleigh said...

aww, I hope your SS3 Manila experience will get published. Good luck, sis. ;)

Jennifer said...

@Karla: Really sis? My friends and I can't stop talking about the concert din..3 weeks na di pa rin kami naka pag recover...=(

Yeah let's hope for SS4 Manila.

@emmaleigh: Thanks sis! =)