I first got addicted to online forums way back year 2007. That's when I joined is a bisaya forum that's why I am comfortable with the members here and I loved them. Once, the site didn't open I freaked out thinking 'what about the threads that I posted on?'. Nowadays this forum is getting boring, well for me. Not a lot of people post in the thread that I am active in. I just viewed all my post and I'm most active in the American Idol Season 8 thread (the only thread i look forward to everyday) but sadly most of the people who post there seems like not really a fan of the show or they are just casual viewers.

I just hope I'd find my way back to this forum like I always look forward to log in everyday. I missed the old times. Really. The other members who were my online buddies before don't log in anymore or they just lurk there or some were deadma already.

Istoryan members who are reading this blog ---- well, if there is anyone, don't get mad at me. It's just I'm not enjoying at the moment.

3 Thoughts:

Peewee said...

Saonz, karon pko ka visit sa imo blog..hehehehe

Peewee said...

BTW, nice blog..:)

jenbrenix said...

Thanks peewee. =)