Anoop is GONE ='(


I will just keep it short and simple. It's too hard for me to rant and it gets me nowhere. Ranting, feeling mad, angry and etc just makes me feel worse. I'm sooo sad, affected, a little bit bitter, and other synonymous feelings about Anoop's elimination. He had three straight very good performance and now he's gone. [mura jd siyag namatay noh? LOL! ] Pero seriously I'm really sad. AI is fixed. How did I know that? Join online forums.

And ohhh, let me just say this, Anoop's scruffy look is soooooo HAWT! w00twave.gif Oh my, he looks sooo manly but I still want the geeky college guy Anoop.wub.gif Wait. I love the two looks. Which is which? *weighing with hands* Scruffy? Geeky? BOTH? Both!

I will definitely buy your album. Gawd, this is my first time. I you Anoop.

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