My new found BANDS

I reached my breaking point in surfing the net yesterday. I was bored and I didn't know what to do. How come I didn't thought of band searching. My last band addiction was The Killers and it was so long ago. I mentioned in my previous post that I'm having a One Tree Hill marathon ( can I just say that Peyton is such a biatch! hate her! ). This show features really great bands. Nada Surf, Feeder and Honorary Title to mention a few. I already knew these bands before but was too lazy to research and download their songs and some songs in my mp3 were boring ( so much for boredom this summer) me already. It kinda sucks since my mp3 has this small memory space (256 MB). I also did a little Purevolume-ing. Hehe.

I'm currently loving these bands:
> Nada Surf
- Always Love .... love this song
- See These Bones
- Beautiful Beat
- Here Goes Something

> Feeder
- Feeling A Moment
- Seven Days In The Sun ...currently what you are hearing while reading my blog
- Concrete Bed

> The Honorary Title
- Stuck At Sea
- Untouched And Intact

> Dashboard Confessional ...yeah. I just downloaded their songs just now. Did I mention I was too lazy to research and download?
- Don't Wait
- Rooftops and Invitations

> The Fray
- You Found Me
- Never Say Never
- How To Save A Life

> Rascal Flatts
- Life Is A Highway ... This song is in the Cars movie soundtrack and my 3 year old cousin loves that movie. He also loves to sing this song especially the all night long part. He pronounced it "ol nye looonnngg". So cute, I always smile whenever I hear that part.

> Katy Perry
- Thinking Of You
*haven't listened to the rest of the album yet.

My ears were hurting because of the headphones. I was listening to their albums for almost 3 hours.

Oh well, try listening to those bands too. They are great.

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