Accidentally on Purpose

Who loves this show? This show is GREAT and HILARIOUS. It is a SHAME CBS got it canceled. Tsk2.

Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) and Jon Foster (Stay Alive, movie) are the leads. This show is about a young man and a cougar who had a one night stand and turned out they just created an offspring out of that "fun" night. =D Both of them decided to have the baby and eventually developed feelings for each other. Davis (Nicolas Wright) is soo funny in this sitcom. =)

To those who loved the comedy sitcom Accidentally on Purpose, sign the petition here to bring this show back again!

2 Thoughts:

Traveliztera said...

This sounds interesting!!! :D I only know a few sitcoms since I don't watch them that much hehehe!

Jennifer said...

Try to watch it sis. This show is really funny...and cute too. :) Then come back here if you loved the show. =)