Seventeen Mag October Ish...

This month's cover girl is Heart Evangelista. She has bloomed since she transferred to GMA. Not a fan though. So, I really don't care. Haha. What I loved with this issue was that they photographed 6 young ang pretty actresses..................................WITHOUT ANY MAKE UP ON! Heart Evangelista, Angelica Panganiban, Rhian Ramos, Jewel Mische, Marian Rivera and KC Concepcion. They reallywere pretty without make up.

There are unwritten rules in the Rules of Attraction. Some girls try to make em' work -- but these tacky moves push guys away.

DON'T show off a lot of skin. Girls wearing skimpy clothes. That's a No-No. It will always be a no-no. It makes the girl tasteless like all they wanna do is just hook up.

DON'T talk about hooking up.

DON'T touch him too much. Girls, don't throw yourselves at anybody.

There are three months left for 2008. Let's make the most of it. Here are some ways:

> All of us really have a hard time saying I Love You to someone we love. So, before this year ends think of those you hardly ever say it to.

> Stretch your allowance. If you have stuffs that you don't need or use you can sell them online. Or save 1/3 of your allowance and put it in your bank account.

> Care for the earth. Read the post before this. :)

My favorite lines in this month's ish.

--> If you're constantly dismissing praise, you'll miss out on well-deserved boosts to your self-esteem or even worse, you might make yourself feel like you actually are unworthy.
(You know like when someone tells you "Your hair looks great", "You so good in Math" etc. di bah mu ingon tah "ay dili ko bright oi chamba ra toh". We won't sound too egotistical if we just just simply say a nice "That's so nice of you. Thank you!". It will show you don't expect the praise.)

--> I smile as much as I can, it doesn't cost me anything. - Rhian Ramos

--> I am beautiful because I say so and no one can tell me otherwise-- and that's how every girl should fell, too!..-Rhian Ramos

--> I am beautiful because I am true to myself.

--> We don't really have a choice when someone passes away. When it happens, we need to find our own ways to cope.

--> Don't rush the grieving process.

So that's it. Thanks for reading. Till next issue. :)..

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