Adult Coloring: Broken Promises

Some promises are really made to be broken. If you have read my previous post, I promised until the end of the year I will NOT buy any coloring books. Yes, you guessed it right.

Our annual physical exam was due today. I had to bring my lacking specimen to the laboratory early in the morning. While waiting for the optometrist which was my last physical exam, I decided to go to Robinson's to kill the time. I was planning to buy a black ball pen since I needed it for my online Mandarin classes. Yeah, I don't have any decent black ball pen at home that I really needed to buy a new one. I went inside Expressions (a school supplies store) and looked for a good ballpoint pen for writing Chinese characters. Beside the ball pen section, I saw some adult coloring books.....and it was the Filipino adult coloring book series OBRA!! I was like...

And then this happened....

         Inside OBRA: Botanica

I also bought Disney princesses coloring sheets. Hahaha! I felt like I went back to grade 1 when I bought this. 😂😂 Inside are 24 Disney princesses colouring sheets with stencils (which I don't how to use ). 
      Only for Php 99.75! You get to colour your favourite Disney Princess. 

    Disney princesses colouring sheets.

I can't wait to colour these! This is soooo hard! I really should stay away from any stores that sells school supplies especially BOOKS!!!

Black ball pen?? This is your fault! =D

This will be the LAST!! This MUST BE! Waaaaa!!!

Does this experience sound familiar to you too? =D


2 Thoughts:

Jennifer Enriquez said...

OMG thank you for buying Obra I hope you love every pages of it.. enjoy coloring =) and if you still have extra extra time to visit a nearby book store im happy to inform you that we already launch the second series of our coloring book =) hope you like it too.. =)

Sincere thanks,

Jennifer said...

hello! I love the OBRA coloring books series! Wanted to buy flora and fauna and sanctuario but I was too scared to color it! heehhe