Lee Jong Hyuk & The Slave Hunters

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I was addicted to this Korean historical drama, Chuno/The Slave Hunters. The root of this addiction is Lee Jong Hyuk. He is a Korean actor known for either the other guy or being an antagonist in a drama. He is not the super handsome boy next door type. I just love his charisma in playing those roles. I became his fan after watching Formidable Rivals/Powerful Opponents in KBS World. Lee Jong Hyuk plays as the assassin, Hwang Chul Woong, in Chuno who was enslaved by his ambitions.

Lee Jong Hyuk as Hwang Chul Woong

EDIT: I'm so happy!! There's this Twitter fan account of LEE JONG HYUK (@LeeJongHyuk_fan) and he tweeted back!!!! He said 감사합니당^^ or Thank You in English! Waaaa!!! ♥

Now the Chuno addiction. I never really blogged about Kdramas in my personal blog but this one is an exception because I just super love this drama. I regret not watching this drama in its original run on KBS World. I wasn't able to watch the last episode while streaming at dramafans.org because the link was broken ( of all the episodes..grr) and that left me so restless finding for a Chuno DVD. Desperate measures knocks in and I searched on the internet for an orginal DVD but was discouraged because it costs Php 5249!! I searched for a Kdrama seller on the net who downloads them and burns it in a blank CD. That's the best option I had so after 3 days, I got myself a Chuno DVD. =D 

For a bird's eye view of the drama, please visit my other blog Chuno/The Slave Hunters  .

I was left speechless after watching the last episode. JANG HYUK's acting was just AMAZING. He made the character, LEE DAEGIL, soooo memorable. He really deserved all those Daesang awards last year and for those awards that he didn't win screw those award giving bodies because JANG HYUK'S acting was beyond amazing in this drama. Lee Jong Hyuk was an AMAZING antagonist too. Ironic as it sounds I LOVE THE WAY THE DRAMA ENDED. Almost all the characters had closure but I wished General Choi and Wangson was there when Daegil died though. Hwang Chul Woong felt remorse at the end. Taeha and Hyewon will continue to change the world one step at a time. When I think about Chuno/The Slave Hunters, there is only one name that first pops out of my mind and that is LEE DAEGIL. Daegil deserved the "epic hero" ending. He gave up his life saving his only beloved, Eunyeon, and telling her to live with happiness with Song Taeha (super duper ouch!). Real love is unselfish.

I really cried watching the scene of Seolhwa and Daegil in the last part where Daegil was dying. I was a Daegil/Seolhwa shipper at first but realized no one can replace Eunyeon in Daegil's heart. Daegil's treatment to Seolhwa was like a little sister. This line from Daegil made me cry even more.

Daegil (dying): "Seolhwa, I'm sorry. Darkness surrounded me, that's why I couldn't see your heart was beating for me."

Before Daegil died, he asked her to sing him a song but when Seolhwa asked him what song will she sing for him, Daegil stopped talking...........and he died in the arms of Seolhwa. *sob sob sob* =( 

Well at least he didn't die alone and he was with a woman who loved him. Gosh, even typing this one I still feel sad and teary-eyed. Seolhwa loves singing and the actress who plays her, Kim Ha Eun, has a really good trot voice. =) 

Result after watching the ending? PUFFY EYES! Hahha. =))

Quotes from the drama:

"A life of simplicity is a wise man's greatest virtue." - Lee Daegil

"For with great ambitions, come even greater challenges." - Monk  (I forgot the name =D)

Currently, Chuno is my most favorite Kdrama and it is one of the best indeed. Everything about Chuno is great.  The actors down to the supporting one, cinematography (I suggest when you watch this drama view it in the highest possible pixel), fight scenes (hawt! rawr!), and the OST ( I always listen to the OST right now even the instrumental ones!). I will never get tired watching this drama over and over again. 

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sowon said...

Hey!!I really like your review~~You gave credit to Lee Jong Hyuk who really did awesome job in Chuno~~Being the rival of the Main heroes,still could get our attention & admiration~~I could understand his greed~~not forgive or accept but just understand~~I guess that how LJH started doing his part by understanding & perhaps loving this character..to let us see any brightness in such heartless man..like his scenes with his mother or his wife~~even his complex with "Idealist" Song Tae-ha~~

Jennifer said...

^Thank you! =) LJH really did a great job in Chuno and I love him ever more because of this drama. =) ♥

Jennifer said...