Fascination of Korean Pop Culture

Who would have thought I'd be addicted to K-Pop? I used to hate it but now I'm addicted to it. LOL! I had my first serving of Korean dramas way back in 2007 when My Girl (starring two of my fave celebs in Korea, Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae) was shown in ABS-CBN. After the show ended, I went back to reality. LOL!

Have you heard the Korean variety show 2 Days and 1 Night? Damn. These guys are so funny. Try to catch it on KBS World every Friday at 11:20 PM. 2D1N features different tourist spots in Korea and along the way they could get wild and crazy ..You know just a normal thing with 7 crazy guys. LEE SEUNGGI, KANG HODONG, LEE SEUGGEUN, MC MONG, EUN JI WON, KIM C & KIM JONG MIN <---- I ♥♥♥ these 7 namjas. I hope they would come to the Philippines ESPECIALLY CEBU CITY!!!! =D

At first, I only watch 2D1N on KBS but now I also watch almost all shows in the Korean entertainment industry. I also tuned in to Arirang's Showbiz Extra and Pops In Seoul (I don't like VJ Isak by the way...=p) . =)

What made me love the Korean Pop culture is that they are so raw and funny. Just like their variety shows (it's like a reality show in Korea they call it as such). Well, almost all reality shows have scripts but in their case they've done it so well unlike the reality shows in the US and here in Philippines. Korean dramas are also one of the best. Nuff said. I just finished watching Brilliant Legacy (starring Lee Suenggi and Han Hyo Joo ♥ these two) and damn it was great. The story was also great but I was kind of disappointed with the ending because it was so anti-climactic. The antagonists of the show didn't got the suffering I wanted them to have. LOL! I'm also planning to watch Iris but I still haven't got a DVD copy so I have to wait for a while. =D And oh, just recently I tuned in to KBS World and Lee Da Hae's romantic-comedy drama, Hello! Miss was shown. Lee Da Hae is just so good in comedy plus her leading man Lee Ji Hoon is such an eye candy. =)

I also got addicted to K-Pop. These are the lists of my favorite K-Pop artists:

> Beast
> Super Junior
> Girls Generation
> SHINee (I love Choi Minho! ♥)
> Lee Seunggi
> MC Mong
> Eun Ji Won
> G.Na
And a lot more...REALLY..hahah!

I hope someday I could go to Seoul, South Korea and meet my fave Korean celebs!!! =D

3 Thoughts:

Goryo said...

aw! di na kilala ni LoLo Goryo ang mga artist na yan ah... napapaghalatang umeeksena na ang tinatawag na "aging"... ahihi

Karla said...

Hi sis! :) Got your link from GT. I'm into Kpop din. :) Kahit di ko naiintindihan, gustong gusto ko ang mga beat ng songs. Favorite ko now si Taeyang, hehe. Maganda din sana na may show dito sa Philippines like Inkigayo, Music Bank, etc para mapromote ng artists mga bago nilang songs.

Nice blog sis. Followed you pala. Hope you don't mind.

Jennifer said...

fellow kpop fan!! sis karla, Music Bank is shown here in RP..it's on KBS World. Watch ka din nang shows nang KBS World sis...;) I also love Taeyang's song I Need A Girl. ang ganda ni Sandara sa vid. =)