Hot Shoes for 2009

Hot Shoes for 2009:

  • Stilettos are surely going to make a comeback in 2009. They will be dominating the ramps as well as the roads once again. However, this year stilettos will also see a variation, in the form of a combination of the high, pencil heels at the back and a hidden platform in the front part of the shoe. Remember, the higher the stilettos, the better they look.
  • The gladiator sandals are going to be hot in 2009. Greco-Roman footwear is all set to be sported on almost every second foot in the coming year. Heavily strapped and heeled versions of sandals will surely be a hit amongst the hot girls!
  • Platform sandals will also form a part of the shoe trend in 2009. There will be two types of platform sandals, one will have a platform heel through and through and other will have platforms on the front side of the sandal, with heel either being thin or tapered or block
  • Thin, pencil heels are there to stay in 2009 as well. They look extremely sexy and can add oodles of 'oomph' to any and every outfit. Though you will not get any comfort, there will be envious glances from other females and admiring looks from all the males in your vicinity.
  • On one extreme, stilettos will be making heads turn in 2009. On the other, thick and chunky heels will be seen ruling the ramps. Yes, platforms will not be vanishing in the coming year. So, you can assure your feet some more months of comfort.
  • 2009 will see the entry of tapered heels on the fashion circuit. They are thick at the top and slim down as they reach the ground. These heels often taper down, with a curve, into a stiletto-esque point at the bottom. They look pretty sexy and can spice up dull outfits as well.
  • Wedge heels and ballet flats are there to stay around in the coming year. The wedges will be reaching even greater heights, while flats will provide you with the much-needed break from the stilettos. Ballet flats will be seen in a variety of new colors and fabrics, including satin.

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