Anoop Desai Should be in the Top 12!!

Yesterday, I was really nervous watching the elimination episode of American Idol season 8. My favorite is Anoop. I just love him. He makes my heart melt whenever he sings. I find him cute too! I love his geeky vibe. He was so cute when Ryan asked him how he was feeling and he kept talking and talking (like a nervous geeky cute guy) and Ryan asked him again "Anoop are you nervous or not?" and he said he never felt this nervous in his life and just smiled (so cute!). Those were not the exact words but you got the point.:-P I never rooted for a contestant this much since I started watching AI way back 2003. When Ryan announced that Micheal Sarver was the one included in the top 12 my world collapsed. I was really really sad. Why America?

I am a member of 6 online forums, a lot of them were rooting for Anoop to be included in the top 12. I'm such a fan. I really hope he'll be included in the wildcard. I hope he'll choose the right song. He sang Angel of Mine by Monica and I thought it was great I had this kilig feeling and dreamy face when i was watching him sing.

To those who haven't watched and heard him sing. Go to and type UNC Clefhangers. find and click UNC Clefhangers - I'll Make Love To You and you'll know why I'm, such a huge fan.

I found this post in an online forum and it just made me like-- love Anoop more than ever.

What's special about him?
1. His voice-it's sweet, sleek, smooth, his voice can be both sexy and angelic at the same time
2. his groove-
3. the sincerity in his performances-you can tell he connects with the songs he sings
4. his politeness
5. his intelligence-I mean I can tell he's an educated young man with the way he answers
6. his down-to-earth demeanor- seems he's like a regular guy even the way he dresses
7. I also find endearing the special camaraderie that he seems to have with his clef pals.
8. His physical attributes-he's tall, dark and handsome (nice sincere smile, cute dimples).
9. I can go on and on...and I don't really know him...I'm just getting these from impressions I get from his TV appearances, from the youtube videos, from the dedication his friends at UNC has shown.

Courtesy of daphine in PEX. She wrote these.

I'm watching the UNC Clefhangers cover of I"ll Make Love To You again for i don't know how many times already. I don't know who the original artist is.

Anoop I love you!...
*big grin*

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